Crossing the Zone of 60 Degrees below Zero and its Images
5/12/2017 12:00:00 AM

Crossing the Zone of 60 Degrees below Zero and its Images

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In my viewpoint, the book "crossing the zone of 60 degrees below zero, is the start point in the addiction treatment. It cleaved the addiction problem. Addiction is globally known as a mysterious, highly progressing and incurable disease.

The fifteenth session of 58th round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on 3 May, 2017 at 11 a.m., this meeting was held by Mr. Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and Mr. Mahdi as the secretary and the weekly agenda was "the book: Crossing 60 Degrees below Zero and its Images"

Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. I am fine and hope you are fine too.

Today's agenda is the images in the book "crossing the zone of 60 degrees below zero". Before speaking about the agenda, I have to talk about some standards in Congress60. For instance, we have to introduce ourselves in this way: "hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler". It is necessary to say the word "friends". You cannot say: "in the name of God, I am Hossein!". The name of "God" is very holly and sainted; however, it is not used in everywhere. For instance, when you go to a passport office and they ask your name, you do not answer: "in the name of God, I am Hossein!" therefore, when you want to introduce yourself, you should say: "I am Hossein, a traveler". We have to observe these rules and standards. All the authorities including the marzbanz (guards), agents, secretaries and guides must introduce themselves in this way. You should say "hello", you should say "friends" because we are all friends in Congress60, and we are not relatives or sisters or brothers! We all have a very good friendship relation with each other. Newcomers also must introduce themselves in this way: "hello friends, I am Hossein, a newcomer." We should focus on this point so that this becomes a complete standard.

Tomorrow, we will administer "the guidance exam" and it will be very difficult; however, remember that  being accepted in the exam has nothing to do with the level of exam difficulty. Because what you write is not important, other people's score and what they write are important. That is why you have to focus on your own paper and if you want to answer a person's question, you will fall behind others. Because it is a race, 3000 people have participated in this exam and 300 people will be accepted. We will accept the highest scores and in this way, you may get 18 out of 20 and you fail. Do not worry about the difficulty or easiness of the exam. If it is difficult, it is for all the people and vice versa, if it is easy, it will be for all. I think if it gets difficult, it will be better, because only the individuals who have studied deeper, will be successful. Do not worry, you will have more questions and more time.

Tomorrow, 3000 individuals will take part in the exam simultaneously in 26 branches of Congress60. It is an extraordinary event, because they were once all drug-abusers, who have understood addiction well and they are all guides of treating addiction. Those who fail the exam also know how to treat addiction well. Fortunately, we will select 300 individuals from this 3000 to act as a consultant to the newcomers. From now on, not everyone is allowed to serve newcomers.

The number of 3000 of people registering for the exam indicates their passion to serve people, this shows that they love to help people to get rid of addiction. There is neither a position, nor money or salary for these people; they do so, because they love serving people. The exam materials are a lot including the valleys, the "love" book, the book of "crossing the zone of 60 degrees below zero", Edmond and Helga, the DST protocol, the worldview pamphlets and the guidance pamphlet, about 50 CDs, and many other sources.

You are the people who should speak about the book "crossing the zone of 60 degrees below zero". Today, it has reached its 28th edition with more than 5000 copies available for each edition. This book is annually published twice or three times. The is applies to the book of "love". A new book is being written entitled as "14 articles" which will replace the four articles in the summer. They are my own articles and two of them are Prof. William White's. They will be used as textbooks to be taught in the schools and universities. It is also written for those who want to work in the field of addiction including: social workers, doctors, psychiatrists, and human capital. I believe that the content of this book must be learned and I am sure that universities will use it in the near future.

In my viewpoint, the book "crossing the zone of 60 degrees below zero, is the start point in the addiction treatment. It cleaved the addiction problem. Addiction is globally known as a mysterious, highly progressing and incurable disease. They do never know any treatment for that. However, in this book the problem is solved and the method of addiction treatment is fully described and explained. It does not matter to criticize a method. But as you criticize a method and you think it does not work, you have to propose another method for that. When you say something is wrong, you have to pose the right one.

This book tells us that if cold-turkey and medical quit are problematic, how can one treat this problem? The book of crossing the zone of 60 degrees below zero shows the way using 14 images, 14 laws and 14 pieces of music. 20 years ago, these pieces of music were written, but have not been played yet. I hope we will do it later.

In that time, I never thought we reach this day, I could predict some of current events but not this situation. Day by day, I think how hapless the world is while encountering addiction. The world has not reached the necessary potential about addiction treatment. They are increasingly writing books and articles about addiction; however, a question remains: have all these articles and books solved the addiction yet? Definitely, no!

The president of Singapore once saw a gum sticking on his trousers as sitting on his chair. From that time on, chewing gum in Singapore has been considered as an illegal action and no one is allowed to chew gum. We cannot do that in Congress60, because gum is our medicine to treat nicotine addiction. However, now as I sat on my chair, I saw a gum stuck under the desk. A person using gum must have a handkerchief with themselves. This must be instructed in the cigarettes' legions. You must put your gum in a handkerchief and then throw it in a rubbish bin. Otherwise, if a bird eats it, it will die, if it sticks on a chair, bacteria will gather there or if it is thrown on the ground, the surface will get dirty.

In some branches of Congress60, they have forbidden smoking cigarettes everywhere. However, where can the first travelers, who are smoking cigarettes, do this? We are all treating our cigarettes consumption, but there are some people among us who are smoking cigarettes yet. Therefore, we have to provide a place for them, if we do not do that, they will go to the street and smoke and make problems for the neighbours. It is the duty of the agents and guards.

You have to park your cars far from Congress60's branches. You should not make troubles for the neighbours. We have been doing sports in Taleqani park on Fridays for several years and we have received no admonitions or notifications from the authorities. Because we have observed the rules and we have guardians, guards and parkbans (who are responsible for the activities in the park). You should further wear appropriate clothes when you attend the park.

All the houses near the hospitals or any other public welfare centers lose their value to some extent. When one of Congress60's branches happens to be placed near the houses or lands, their value decreases. The owners are ready to find our weaknesses. Therefore, we have to observe the rules and no to bother them. Those who love Congress60 should avoid smoking out of the branch. Do not gather together outside the branch. Do not locate a room for smoking cigarettes because it will become the place of the first travelers. When the legions start their work, you can determine a time for them to smoke cigarettes. I hope all the branches observe these rules and the problems will be solved.

I hope you will be successful in the exam too.

I want you to take part in the national presidential election. God will not change the fate of a community, unless they themselves change their bad behaviors, try to purify themselves and change their own fate. Today, we have two types of decision-making: either by the ballot-box or gun! There is no third option. Therefore, we have to take part in the elections regardless of in which community we live. We have to declare our own ideas. It is our duty to say our own attitudes.

Communities and human being must reach mental maturity so that they can gradually take part in elections. It is said that in some countries they cheat at elections, sometimes they steal the ballot boxes. They have been given guns to fight the enemies, and they have handed over their guns to the terrorists. This is financial corruption. Election in such countries is not the same as developed countries, but they should exercise it. Thank God, election in our country is far better. All the Congress60's members must take part in this election. It is not related to us for whom you vote. Congress60 does not interfere in this part. Neither I nor other authorities (including guides, didebans, and marzbans) will not say anything in this regard. However, you should vote for any one you like. We do not say for whom you vote, because in Congress60, we are working on our common points not the differences. Our common point is addiction. We may have different religions, that is why we do not say anything about religions. We have gathered together and out common point is addiction, however, our political attitudes may be completely against each other. One might be a democrat and another person might be a republican, if want to bring them together in Congress60, we will face problems; that is why in Congress60, we have not any types of presidential advertising. I hope you actively participate in the election and not deceived by other people. We must do our own duty and our duty as an Iranian is to take part in the presidential election.

Thanks for listening to my speech.

Translated by Elahe  


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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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