The Sun's Scouts
4/29/2017 12:00:00 AM

The Sun's Scouts

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After all, is destruction the end of human beings? Is not any way except surrendering to addiction? Certainly, the Lord who has created human beings will never leave human beings alone in the depth of darkness, .

The Sun's Scouts

From the Creation Day, when human beings enter the Earth, they experienced many different events. Based on these experiences, their thoughts, performance and whatever they saw and heard; they were categorized into many different groups and societies. These categories or groups were later called religions, sects and school of thoughts. All of these numerous groups had their own style of thinking and performance which resulted in numerous "rights and wrongs" and "lies and truths".  Their scope is extended from God to the Devil.

A noticeable fact about all of these groups is that all of them have guide, the one who has initiated the path and trained others so that they become a guide later and train other trainees. This cycle turns round and will continue until it can live. This shows that in order for human beings to reach their destination, they are required to select a path; to move in this path, they are in need of a guide who knows the path very well.

However, the most important thing is that to which category these groups belong: the divine group or the devil one. It is of much importance whether a category follows the dignity of the light or the inferiority of the devil. To find out to which category they belong, we should take a look at their outputs or products. For instance, when you see a school of thought endangers millions of people and has killed millions of people, you can easily decide to which category it belongs. Take another example into account: an ideology which governed the world for a century under the name of human equality and protecting workers' rights just resulted in a huge number of dead, poverty and corruption.

One of the darkest thoughts and behaviours is drugs addiction, whose product is the destruction of all human values. Addiction is one of the most powerful tools that the devil used against human beings. The First World War killed about five million people, but who can estimate how many people have been killed by drugs till now. No one knows when the war of addiction will end and till that time how many people will be killed. No one knows how much the quality of the values will be damaged by that time and how much addiction affects the quality of human beings' life.

After all, is destruction the end of human beings? Is not any way except surrendering to addiction? Certainly, the Lord who has created human beings will never leave human beings alone in the depth of darkness, because without the Lord's help and mercy, human beings would be destroyed completely.

However, the important point is that how the Lord will help human beings to get liberated from the devil of addiction. For these hard battles, courageous, brave and self-sacrificing humans are required. They have always changed the results of the wars against human beings. They are selected on the basis of humanity, they are the Sun's scouts.

This group also have their own guide who has the Lord's dignity to set people free from the darkness of addiction. He all has come to replace grief and sadness with joy and happiness. He is the guide of a path which ends in true love. There are many people in this group who are helping this great man (called Mr. Hossein Dezhakam). They were once hunted by addiction and now they are supporting and helping others beside Master Dezhakam, to  compensate for the great gift given to them (their liberation from addiction). They help people get liberated from addiction without any expectations.

These are the people who have livened the term "humanity", they have made this term meaningful. They are the people for whom the Lord appreciated himself while creating them. These commanders are humbly serving people without receiving any medals or signs. Tracing their own guide, they are doing the greatest humane work. This great movement undoubtedly will be opened like an umbrella over the world and will paint the world with the best purple colour (of health, joy and happiness).

Written by traveler Bahman

Translated by Elahe



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  • Bahman Laripoor
زمان ارسال
4/30/2017 1:07:24 PM
With no language cannot be from loved one's guide thanks and appreciation. miss Elahe, thank you for this opportunity to me, at least two language's for express I feel Week guide to all the Loved one's greetings The width of the I
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