courtesy and rudeness, balance and imbalance
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courtesy and rudeness, balance and imbalance

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We have a teacher's week in our calendar, but we did not tell our students what it is. The only thing that we have understood is that we should say: "happy teachers' day"; however, we have not taught our students to buy flowers for their teachers and to appreciate teachers' work

The thirteenth session of 58th round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on 19th  April, 2017 at 11 a.m., this meeting was held by Mr. Dezhakam as the master and Mr. Mahdi as the secretary and the weekly agenda was "courtesy and rudeness, balance and imbalance."

Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. Hope you are fine and thank God, I am fine too. The first month of solar calendar fast finished. The agenda is "courtesy and rudeness, balance and imbalance." We human beings are able to take a pattern to follow. First, we learn courtesy and rudeness from our parents. After that, we learn it from our teachers, masters and heroes in the society. Because, in the world, everything can be modeled and followed. I have mentioned it for several times that  a heroin addict is much more respectable to me than one impolite person who has been liberated from addiction. An impolite person is intolerable.


We can see that rudeness is prevailing in our own country and many great societies in  the world specially in western and European countries. Unfortunately, you see a nation's president, who has the highest position in the country, directly insults his rivals and accuses them, this is a clear example of rudeness. When the highest authorities have this problem, it will be prevailing to the lower positions. I  mean we have to take our masters into account (as our epitome) and the epitome must be so careful because their behaviours are observed and applied by many people. When the telephone is ringing and a parent tells their child "pick up the phone and tell them I am not at home", we are teaching them how to tell a lie. In the past, children did not stretch their legs in front of their parents and they respect their teachers and said hello to them whenever they saw their teachers. But today, everything has changed, our children are rude and we are culpable, because if our children's teacher says something to them we will go to school and blame the teacher. We have applied this rule (courtesy and politeness) in Congress60 from the very beginning. Are those people who serve others the same as those who do not? Are the blind equal with the aware? Definitely, no!

When we talk behind a person or interrupt someone while they are speaking, we are impolite. In Congress60, we respect our elders, but age is one of the indexes of being elder. A person's job, position, understanding and politeness determine their greatness. A 80-year-old man who is smoking heroin and is always expecting others to do something for him is more respectable or a 22-year-old person who has set many people free from addiction? Which one?

A pupil must respect their guide, when the guide comes, the pupils must stand in front of their guide. We have a teacher's week in our calendar, but we did not tell them what it is. The only thing that we have understood is that we should say: "happy teachers' day"; however, we have not taught our students to buy flowers for their teachers and to appreciate teachers' work. In Congress60, we have taught this point and a drug-abuser receives the instruction and reaches balance. Then, all the people respect and love them.  Our Iranian actor, Behrooz Vosoghi, in a film named "deers" once said: I was born a hooligan in a low-income area and asked: "have you ever taught and trained me, so that I knew the point, I knew how to behave?" no one told us how to respect and love our teachers; however, Congress60 did it and taught it.

We are a great community but do we do great things too? Can we keep our nation clean? Do we know that we have to avoid building near the rivers? The raining cycle in the world is around 30 to 40 years. For example, it starts from a heavy raining and ends in drought, and again the cycle repeats. We construct buildings near the rivers and the flood comes and destroys everything. Invading rivers' boarders is a type of impoliteness. Pouring garbage in the environment and the sea is impoliteness. Courtesy is not wearing in the best way and using perfume or driving a very expensive car. It is impolite to go to your friend's house before telling them. You can visit your first-degree relatives(your parents, brothers and sisters) and you can even eat food in their houses. But you cannot visit your friends suddenly without telling them previously. If the person said that I cannot see you, you must not become angry or sad. Sometimes, a person comes to me and says I want to speak with you for five seconds, and when I tell them I have not enough time to speak with you, they become sad.

When I go swimming in the morning, some may come to ask their questions. It is impolite to interrupt a person while they come for swimming and enjoying their moments. Everything must be done according to a preplanned schedule.

When you enter an office, avoid sitting on the chair unless the clerk lets you do so. All these things affect our life. As walking beside someone, the higher ranked person walks on the right. We should consider all these things. While eating, your spoon or knife must not make any noise.

When a man is speaking to a lady, he cannot use intimate terms. When speaking with a lady, you must use plural verbs and pronouns (in Persian, the conjugation for singular and plural verbs is different and to show respect, you should address your addressee with plural verbs and pronouns). These details play important role in  our relations. You cannot speak with a noble person the same as you speak with your spouse and friends. while speaking you must sometimes look at your addresses face.

You should speak politely with high-ranked people like a police officer.

We were once guilty for consuming drugs; therefore, we were criminal. If we wanted not to be polite, we could not succeed. If we wanted to be impolite, we could. We are lions in the hunting ground but we are calm in the thicket.

Both women and men must wear appropriate clothes, this is not special to women.

Being polite has a very wide range. Living with an impolite person is very difficult. Fortunately, as people enter Congress60, they become polite fast and this was achieved due to Congress60's sanctity, the guides who are working hard and the educational CDs.

Another important point is the period of compatibility. You should not increase the amount of OT more than six cc for ice-consumers. The maximum amount of OT for ice-users is between 4.5 and 6 cc. The ultimate point is 7.5 cc. If the traveler does not feel well, you should give him a cold turkey or a quasi one. By cold-turkey, I mean suddenly quitting using OT and by quasi-cold-turkey, I mean you decrease a daily 9 cc to 3 cc per day (for at least three days) and then you increase the amount of OT.

Another important point is that the guides who have finished their four-year of serving people in one branch, can establish their legion in another branch provided that the authorities in Congress60 give consent to it.

 Another point is that the time of guide's exam will not change.

Professor White had sent me an email telling me that in the US, they want to return to the point that we had several years ago. They want to imprison an addict and fine them. This is because they have not found the way for treating addiction.

Thank you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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  • Banafsheh.A
زمان ارسال
5/1/2017 12:32:03 AM
Thank you for your fluent translation. Best wishes for you and your teammates
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