Australian Researchers in Congress  60
4/23/2017 12:00:00 AM

Australian Researchers in Congress 60

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We’ve come to Iran to learn and understand and be able to pass these things and we appreciate your knowledge and your country.

Congress 60 was the host for Australian researchers.

Australian addiction researchers have come to Esfahan and after visiting the city, they attended Congress60’ s workshop and asked their questions.

The meeting was held by Sheikh-Bahaei branch and its authorities such as agent, guides and many other authorities were there.

At first, Mr. Amini explained Congress 60’s technical definitions for the questions including what addiction is, what the first travel and second travel are, who is master Dezhakam, what our medicine for treatment is what OT (Opium Tincture) is. Then, researchers asked their own questions.

Who are those people with an orange scarf on their shoulders? What steps have they passed? And why do you call them “guide”?’

They are people who have passed their first travel (treatment) and taken an exam which is called “the guides’ exam” and are able to guide those people who want to come out from the darkness of addiction, guides are the knowledge providers for patients, they are experienced and qualified enough about this important task, because they know what addiction is and what effects it has. Guides have a promise like doctors’ oath to serve the patients.

How many times a week Congress 60’s meetings are held and what topics do you talk about in these meetings?

Our meetings are held three times a week and firstly we learn the effects and side effects of addiction, how to solve them, how to treat ourselves by OT and DST method. We don’t care about race, religions or skin color of our patients, we are here just because we are lovers and at the service of humanity in order to serve patients quietly for free. We have learned the knowledge of world-view from our masters and we transfer this knowledge to knowledge-seekers.


How are you able to control yourself about using drugs in spite of availability of drugs?

I myself tried many ways for quitting drugs including treatment by methadone, URD and many other common ways and I was unsuccessful, but I learned about mankind and drugs in Congress 60 and understood that drugs destroy three major aspects of human: Body, Psyche, Worldview.

In human’s body, there is an X system which has been destroyed by drugs and it isn’t able to charge body with necessary hormones such as Encephalin, Serotonin, Endorphin and many other hormones. In Congress 60, this system and body will be cured and the X system will be reconstructed in its specific time (11 months) by Opium Tincture (OT).

In addition, the patient will learn to change his/her world-view about himself/herself, others and world based on universal wisdom.

What is OT and why is it better than other medicines?

OT means Opium Tincture which contains Alcohol, Water and Opium.

Opium has more than 24 alkaloids which can completely cover all effects of hangover and it rebuilds all the hormones which the body needs for being balanced.


Do the patients give up all of their drugs and smoke after entering Congress 60?

We here give them OT instead of any other kinds of drugs. They can also treat their nicotine (cigarettes) consumption. They can start their nicotine travel after three months. The other point is that no drug consumer is allowed to serve as guide in Congress60, it means if they want to serve here, they have to cure themselves.

Do patients’ family know where their patients go for treatment?

We call ourselves traveler and each traveler can have companions ( a person who has never experienced any drug consumption). Companions can be from their families; therefore, their family come to Congress 60 and gain knowledge about addiction and help their traveler to travel better.


Why do you think the DST method is the best method?

Because it’s about six years that I have been cured and liberated from addiction and I have  no tendency to use drugs, this indicates that “I” was not the problem, the problem was the other methods.

Who is master Dezhakam?

Mr. Hossein Dezhakam, the founder and mastermind of Congress 60’s Humane Revivification society, was an Electronic Engineer. He was born on November 15th 1949, in Kerman, Iran. He attempted to quit his substance abuse twice, in the first time he went cold turkey and in the second time he used medication and both times lasted less than a year. He believes that the failure was due to unsuccessful revival of the damaged systems in the body, malfunction of the opiate producing system in the body and an overall imbalance of the physique. Finally, with God’s help, a method was invented which was the result of years of research on the thesis of substance abuse. The conclusion of this research has been published in his book, Crossing 60 degrees below Zero Zone, and other articles, which would change your views towards drug addiction completely.


Are there any other plans for patients in Congress60 except OT and DST method?

We believe that, sport is supplement for treatment and we have many fields of sports such as Rugby, soccer, volleyball, basketball etc. Our Rugby’s team is the champion of our country as well.


How the patients use their medicine in Congress60?

The important point is time, Congress 60 believes that everything has its specific time, the specific amount of OT will determine for a patient for 21 days and after each step, it will be decreased about 20%, this process will continue until the amount of medicine reaches zero and in this way, the opiate producing system is reconstructed very well and is able to produce the necessary quasi-opiate substance naturally.


What about financial issues? How Congress 60 is funded?

It is funded by Congress 60’s members.

In Australia, most of addicts are young and they don’t have enough money (we know it needs money). How it is possible for Congress60 to work? How Concress60 is funded and supported?

It’s not obligatory to provide money for the system, we have lots of travelers here who are very rich and they help Congress 60 eagerly.

Australian researchers: We’ve come to Iran to learn and understand and be able to pass these things and appreciate your knowledge and your country.

Translated by Traveler AmirHossein

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