An Invitation to Most Respected Companions
12/30/2017 12:00:00 AM

An Invitation to Most Respected Companions

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An Invitation to Most Respected Companions , Congress60's English website

An Invitation to Most Respected Companions

Liberation from addiction is not an end; it is a start of enjoying a new life through serving others!

As you all know, Congress60's English website has thousands of visitors daily from Europe and the United States. This fact highlights the necessity of updating this site with fresh news, articles and interviews from Persian site of Congress60.

You (our most respected reader) are invited to give us a hand and participate in this momentous action. You know this work is highly praised by Mr. Dezhakam who always emphasizes the importance of sharing our ideas, attitudes and performance with the world, so that those who are in need of being liberated from addiction find this path and reach redemption. This is a great hit.

The companion section of this site eagerly invites proficient translators from inside (Iran) and outside the country to help the English group in this regard. Please send an email to the following email addresses and announce if you are ready to cooperate in this precious and humanitarian work. You can also send us a translation of two paragraphs adopted from the Persian website as the sample of your work.

Best regards

Marjan Moradi & Elahe Sadeqi

Telegram ID E-mail Adress    
@marjanm60 Marjan Moradi
@Elaahes60 Elahe Sadeqi


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  • Companion fatemeh
زمان ارسال
1/2/2018 5:40:51 PM
Thanks to these honest services
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