An interview with Mr. Salami, the financial  Dideban (Guard)
11/30/2016 12:00:00 AM

An interview with Mr. Salami, the financial Dideban (Guard)

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We have a motto in Congress60: "We either win or learn. There is no loss."

We either win or learn. There is no loss. What we have learned leads us to future victories.
An interview with Mr. Salami, the financial  Dideban (Guard)

Interviewer: Welcome Mr. Salami. Please introduce yourself.

Mr. Salami: Hello friends I am Majid, a traveler.

My last anti X was opium,  my first travel lasted 13 months, my dear guide is Mr. Dezhakam, my sport field is rugby, and I have been liberated from addiction for 16 years ,3 months and 10 days.

Interviewer: Mr.Salami, would you please tell us how you started playng rugby?

We believed in the power of sport. When I entered in Congress60 in 1379 (2000), Mr. Dezhakam has been swimming once a week. He believed that playing sports could be a good complementary factor to withdrawal. And sport became an essential in Congress60 from 2002. All members of Congress60 were supposed to do the sports according to their physical power and interest.
We started first with pulling the rope, tennis, and swimming. Gradually football, rugby and  shooting were added. Of course, I don't play rugby at the moment, but I am responsible for Congress60's rugby team and other teams in Tehran province.
Congress members’ attitude toward sport is different from others.They think of it as a complementary factor for treatment of the body and soul. Our worldview in Congress60 is  beyond  considering  the sport as an amusement or profession.

Interviwer: When  were the sports institutionalized in Congress60? Futsal and swimming have entered the Congress60's programs from 2001 and 2002. It started in Taleghani park. In those days, the teams were coming from outside of Tehran like Shahriar and Robatkarim. From 2005 to 2008, other cities structured and developed their own terms. With competition among the teams, sports grew in Congress60. We are now reached the point that even when we introduce ourselves or we are liberated from addiction, we have to mention our sports.
Interviewer: What is your message for park supervisors?
I am the Congress rugby’s coach and Tehran ‘s confederation  head. I also work in other fields of sports. The difference between a sport man in Congress60 and a professional player lies in their worldview . I wanted the respected Marzbans to make their best efforts to dominate and intensify the sport ‘s worldview among Congress60's members.
Sports without worldview ends in addiction or diviations from norms. We have witnessed that some professional sports men deviate or even were trapped in order to gain the championship medal .

Interviewer: What is the role of sports in Congress60's growing goals toward treatment of addiction?
Mr. Salami: Substantially , when our rugby team achieved the first medal, people and organizations started to know us . Lots of sites and newspapers reported this acievement. Along with expressing congratulations, people asked us about the identity of Congress60. Mr.Dezhakm and Mr. William White have numerous negotiations on the Congress60's sports news. Sports can introduce us to the world. We sent our rugby team to Qatar for rugby's championship . Alqatarie press had an interview with us and when they realized that our players had been drug-addicts and cured, they became very enthusiastic to know more. They came to our hotel at 8:30 in the morning and talked to our players till 10:30 . Then reported it in Alqatarie newspaper.

Interviewer: What is the difference between professional sports and Congress60 ‘s sports?

Mr. Salami: Players in professional sports aim to gain a title. But our goal in Congress60 is reaching cure and balance . We also like to win but it is not our priority. The priority is equilibrium and balance.

Interviewer: Do you have any programs in Congress60 for other sports?

Mr. Salami: Yes, we are encouraging any sports that help improving the health of body and mind. We had an acceptable progress in volleyball, wrestling and archery.

Interviewer: And in conclusion, what is your attitude toward Congress60's sports?

Mr. Salami: We have a motto in Congress60: "We either win or learn. There is no loss." We learn in this journey then it leads us to success.

Reporter: traveller Farhad Firuzi

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  • farhad firouzi
زمان ارسال
12/11/2016 7:25:19 AM
With best regards and thanks to the founder of congress60 Mr. Dezhakam and the respected observer Mr. Salami with whom I've had the honor of interviewing.I hope to see the establishment of new branches of the congress in metropolitan Mashhad. Because I owe this indescribable satisfying feeling of freedom from drugs and cigarettes to the education I received from the congress. And I want the other people who may need this education to get familiar with the congress. Best regards. Farhad Firouzi
  • farahnaz firuzi
زمان ارسال
12/10/2016 3:48:22 PM
I would like to dedicate my warmest greetings to the founders of Congress 60, Mr. Dejakam and Mr. Salami. Appreciations for your endless help. Special thanks to my beloved father for preparing a useful and brilliant report. May you all be successful and prosperous.
  • farhad firuzi
زمان ارسال
12/10/2016 2:00:30 PM
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