Communications of Hossein and Bill
11/23/2016 12:00:00 AM

Communications of Hossein and Bill

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Topic : Communications of Hossein and Bill
You and I are two warriors of light who are aged physically but not spiritually.

Dear Hossein,


     Thank you for your offer of assistance with the NA study.  I think a comparison of NA and Congress 60 in Iran would make a wonderful study and will see what interest I might be able to generate related to such a study.  There seems to be increased interest in recovery-focused research here in the U.S.  Are you seeing an increase in such interest by the government or the universities in Iran?  I am now mentoring several PhD students who are focused on studying different aspects of long-term personal/family recovery from addiction.  This is a welcome trend after decades and decades of studies on the pathology of addiction.  Finally, there is research interest in the lived solution.


    Thank you also for your warm words of encouragement.  They helped lift my spirits that were so depressed over recent political events here in the U.S.


     In the U.S., we are approaching our annual Thanksgiving holiday.  As I approach this annual celebration, I am reminded of my gratitude for our continued friendship and professional collaborations.  As two aging warriors setting across the world from one another, I feel we have fought the good fight together and that we will leave the world a better place because of the work we have done.


Friends and Brothers Forever,





Dear Bill,
  I hope you are fine, I am well.
Yesterday I received the beautiful magazines that you have sent.
You are so aware of the truth in Congress 60 different layers and described it with absolute beauty and this makes me so happy.
I am so honored that Congress 60 methods are described in a magazine which is being delivered to front line of addiction treatment (counselors, specialists, social workers and even courts) and I thank you from bottom of my heart. I am also thankful to the editor of this well-known magazine.
Fortunately, the attention to prolonged recovery is increasing in my country as well. They are aware now that the addiction related problems needs time to be cured.
Considering that you discussed about NA therefore I must mention few points, and I must say that these following lines are my observation and understanding and are not based on any scientific statistics.
 These days the rate of NA sessions are decreased comparing to 5 years ago. One of the reasons is that many prime NA members left NA and established new recovery advocacy like “Another birth” or “reborn” or other NGOs to take benefit of financial supports.
Many “healing houses” which are called “camp” in Iran are now functioning. The addict is kept in these houses for during of 21 days to help them reach sobriety and they receive money for their services.
All in all these NGOs and camps proved to be useful in order to reduce harms on addiction field and they are providing affordable services to addicts.
I congratulate the thanksgiving ceremony and I also thank God for having a wise and priceless friend and colleague and I pray for you.
Dear friend,
You and I are two warriors of light who are aged physically but not spiritually.
Our age is a bit less than God and we will live forever. Our body ages and perish but our souls are immortal.
You are in my heart
Friends and brothers on heaven and earth forever


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Topic : Communications of Hossein and Bill
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