The Third Valley and its effect on me (an article by companion Tahere)
11/20/2016 12:00:00 AM

The Third Valley and its effect on me (an article by companion Tahere)

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The third valley taught me that I should give up the negative thoughts and improper expectations.

It should be known that no creature thinks about itself as much as man.

Life with difficulties and problems is the same as a rough sea which threats us to drown into it and we have to pass this deep sea to reach at rescue coast.

Reaching this coast is dependant on familiarity with rules and principles of life, patience and awareness.

Congress60's valleys play a significant and critical role in our life. Value and importance of these valleys are only comprehended by those who learn them well and apply them in their life.

In the first valley, accurate thinking is our guideline and leads us towards the right way.

We learned from second valley that: each man has his special value and position and whose creation isn’t vain.

Third valley leads an individual to pay attention to himself/herself.


This valley says: no one pays attention to you as much as yourself and certainly the only person who should care you is yourself, you may expect that people around come to your help when you face a problem or you may want the Lord to help you

These are negative and preventive thoughts which don’t allow the success and development of a person.

Caring self means self-confident, self-esteem, appreciating his/her value and magnitude and finally protecting yourself (against the negative forces).

One of my moral failures is excessive expectation from others and God , I sometimes wonder why I can’t lovely serve others. I expected people to return my favour when I served them.

I sometimes wondered why  the Lord did not pay attention to me while I was always praying and vowing (to reach my goakl×w)!

I asked myself: why do faithless people advance but God doesn’t help me who pray!

Sometimes I didn’t take the responsibility of my duties and waited for others to solve my problems and make decision for me; this style of living led to lack of my self-confidence and decision-making power.

After attending Congress60 and understanding the third valley, I learned that no one can help me as long as I don’t care myself. I understood  that in the first step I should care myself otherwise the greatest damage is imposed on me by myself. I learned that the first person who always hears my voice and makes decision for me is myself. Unfortunately, expecting my parents and God, I became a creditor! These expectations led me towards wrong actions and I couldn’t solve my problems.


The third valley taught me that I should give up the negative thoughts and improper expectations. I created the problems myself, therefore, I should  tackle my own problems. This is a burden upon myself, nagging doesn’t solve any problems. Then I should take accurate  steps and fulfill my responsibilities.

You certainly have many abilities, in Congress60, the guides help us find them. We should consider our capacity and soul so that we can perform our duties properly. Furthermore, balance in expectation of others undoubtedly results in better life.

My expectation should be in accordance with my capacity and abilities. My expectation of others can be justifiable  when I ask for their experiences and consult with them but the final decision is upon me and I should take the responsibility of my problems and actions. I should know that this is my selected way and now I also find the route and  I should return properly.

We should learn to compensate for the destructions and anti-value actions.

For example, destruction made in addiction is solved by a request (for liberation)and proper thinking. No one can help the addicted person as long as he doesn’t want to quit. But, when a person starts his treatment, he should admit that the compensation for addiction is to travel accurately, timely attend the classes, listen the guide's advices,  serve people, and etc. During this travel, he should be purposeful and move powerfully toward success. As a companion, we shouldn’t think that we are in Congress60  for the sake of our traveler, because m we have many problems and should learn  solutions to the problems, these problems include life problems, diseases, and etc.


We are sometimes deeply involved with anti-value behaviors (e.g. backbite, lying, espionage,..), these are also a part of our soul’s problems created by us. It is necessary to fight these anti-value behaviors properly. In order to reach balance, we shouldn’t expect  others, we should not search for guilty people and blame them for our  problems; we should take the responsibility of our own problems.

But, sometimes the problems are divine trials, we should pass them with patience and awareness. We should remember that God places some gifts into a pack of problems so that we find the gift through problem solving and attempt. We should believe that these problems increase our personality and they make an appropriate opportunity to identify our capability.

As a result, we should identify the preventive and destructive forces, take the responsibility of our work and life and tolerate the difficulties, solve the problems through thinking, use others’ opinion but the final decision should be made by ourselves.


Starting this valley, we put our knowledge into practice; because, we should learn the secret of righteous life through nature where everything occurs according to natural laws.

If we can comprehend and implement this valley, then we can tolerate the life problems and solve them  ourselves

written by companion Tahere.

Translated by Companion Shirin

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