Physicians'  Legion October 28, 2016
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Physicians' Legion October 28, 2016

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Some therapists believe that treatment is just possible by chemotherapy while others don’t believe in it

The third session of the twelfth round of the Physicians’ Legion was hold by Mr. Dezhakam as both the guest speaker and master of the ceremony and Ms Qazal as the secretary with the agenda of “the Article” in October 28, 2016 at 8 o’clock.

Mr. Dezhakam:

Congress 60 has been trying to do various activities related to scientific issues, different books and articles since it was established 18 years ago; and fortunately we have been successful. Congress 60’s treatment method has been wonderful for one of the most prominent specialists in the field of addiction and its recovery, Professor William White, who is well-known as the best historian in the United States and has published many books. He has interviewed recovery leaders around the world and has connected with different countries. Such a prominent person is so much interested Congress 60’s treatment method. He has published 3 articles about Congress 60 to introduce it to the world. Two of the three articles are published in a medical journal specialized in alcoholism treatment. The third article has been published in the journal of “Counselor” that is one of the pioneers of fighting addiction and drugs and has a lot of readers. Professor White believes that one day in future Congress 60’s method will surprise all addiction specialists of the world. He has mentioned in the article that unique protocol of chemotherapy (with the use of OT) and integration of different elements in Congress 60 will one day surprise the specialists of addiction treatment in the United States.

 In my opinion our gathering together in Physicians’ Legion is a miracle. Some therapists believe that treatment is just possible by chemotherapy while others don’t believe in it; camps suggest their own method and in fact each of us gathered here followed our special method in the past.

It has been mentioned in the article that what distinguishes Congress 60’s treatment method from others is that it includes biological and psychological integration and understanding addiction and its recovery. The presence of family members in the process of treatment and recovery is also an innovative approach in the integration of sports, music and art that is useful in rebuilding the individuals’ identities and relationships. Specialists of addiction in the United States will be surprised from the integration of Congress 60’s method.

Congress 60 refers to understanding of addiction. When we cure addiction it means that we have completely understood it. Are we definitely able to cure addiction or not? When there are no signs of addiction we can claim that addiction treatment has occurred. In some treatment centers abusers are forbidden from the companionship with other addicts; and from going to the places where there are drugs, and many other rules; however, I think treatment has not occurred in such cases. There are three kinds of treatment: the first is the treatment in which there are no signs of the illness; the second is the treatment in which the symptoms are attacked; and the third is the treatment according to the propaganda on TV and satellite television. Nowadays addiction treatment is placed in the second type of treatments.

Congress 60’s rugby team was the first-place winner of the Premier League of country. The members are of those who have been ice abusers some day in the past.

Congress 60 believes that Addiction is the replacement of external substances for internal ones that are naturally produced. When the body starts producing them again and the individual doesn’t need external substances, treatment occurs.


The theory of body treatment in Congress 60 is based on a system called X System by me. The X System includes all neurotransmitters and hormones on which all human activities like as spiritual, mental, emotional, sexual and physical ones depend. Addiction is the replacement of external materials like drug and alcohol for natural materials of body like serotonin, enkephalin, dopamine, etc. Imbalance in producing opium-like substances in one’s body leads to imbalance of all his/her behavior. If this system doesn’t balance, decisive treatment will never be possible.

Congress 60 believes that psyche includes all mental behavior of a person. We should pay attention to two important points in order to treat psyche; it cannot be cured by chemotherapy and by speech. If the individual’s X system and thoughts work correctly, psyche will be cured. The worldview is the result of the balance of these two parameters.

As Professor White said, all my articles and books are kept in a special center. Your presence in this legion has removed the barriers between the sick and therapists.  I hope you will someday operate the method in your clinics and help the sick achieve the decisive treatment. Now some clinics have financial problems and if they have acceptable outcomes (cured people) they can solve their problems. We have collected 2300 million tomans (about $640000) in the week “Financial Legion” While Iran Drug Control Headquarters has a budget about 4 billion tomans (about $ 112 million). Do you know why Congress 60’s members pay such amount of money? The only reason is that they believe in the treatment method and people’s recovery in Congress 60 is so much tangible for them. Now there are members who would like to contribute a piece of land or a building to us fro establishing new branches but we don’t accept because quality of branches is more important to us than quantities.

Mr. Mohammad Ali:

There is a triangle in Congress 60 called” knowledge” including three sides of instruction, experience and contemplation. The instruction of Congress 60 can be so much useful and valuable for the travelers, companions and guides. I would follow a completely different method of treatment before attending Congress 60. According to Congress 60 narcotic abusers take actions to cease their addiction for more than 10-15 times using common methods in the society. I think their failure results in my failure, too. I have been reducing my failure and getting close to success after attending Congress 60 and getting familiar with the method.

We have had the honor of being in the neighborhood of Congress 60 for years but its method was not acceptable for me. We as physicians are usually skeptical about scientific articles and issues. Mr. Dezhakam attracted me kindly and when I heard his words I found out that the method will work because he had experienced and practiced what he said.

The publication of this article is not a big event for Congress 60 because I expect great events for Congress 60 in future and all people would learn about them.

Dr. Samad:

All of us had a different view toward addiction treatment before entering Congress 60. In fact, we were surrounded by disappointment and never thought a narcotic abuser could cease his addiction. But now we have positive and helpful view toward treatment because we have known addiction. I Mr. Dezhakam was in the United States of America or somewhere else, he would be given a supreme place. This is the subject which makes me sad a lot.  I’m so sorry that people from other countries introduce prominent individuals of our country to the world. We must promote the method hand in hand and the first step is performing the method in the clinics and treatment centers. I have 2-3 newcomers in my clinic everyday and  my financial condition has got better than before.


Dr. Fereshta:

When I decided to work in the field of addiction I didn’t have a hope in decisive treatment and my purpose was just to reduce the addiction harms. All the instructions in different centers focused on the controlling and maintaining treatments and they couldn’t help my self-confidence. The referees could see the inability in my eyes those days. But now by exploiting congress 60’s knowledge I assure the referees that liberation is achievable at the end of the path and they will experience the unthinkable feeling they have never had before.


Dr. Noushin:

Most people suppose that using narcotics must be completely cut in order for the narcotic abusers’ bodies to function again while Congress 60 believes that we must help their bodies to function again with the help of the appropriate medicine (OT). The sick need the therapists’ kindness. The technical assistants in clinics never accept to cut using OT because it costs little. I believe that psychotherapy is more important than chemotherapy.

Dr. Azam:

Our clinic has been cooperating with the guides of Congress 60 for two years. Their presence has helped us a lot. I would speak with the referees one by one and it was a time-consuming job.

Today however we have shared our responsibilities. We are working on the statistics four hours a day. The guides’ attendance has more cohered our education and has promoted the outcomes of treatment and I hope we will continue the cooperation to perform more successfully and more dynamically.

Dr. Mohsen:

I want to start my words with a question. Mr. Dezhakam has stated that the first time that he had sent the Hypothesis of Narcotics Addiction to Professor White, he said it was unacceptable; but for the second time he accepted it. I would like to know why it was not acceptable for him for the first time.

We have some meetings with our colleagues every Friday. Recently I had a talk with some of them working in the field of addiction treatment about my presence in Congress 60 and I found that none of them knew Congress 60.

These two questions have made me contemplate. When I see this amount of energy and people here, I wonder why there shouldn’t be more recognition about congress 60 in the society. In my opinion writing articles has been overlooked in Congress 60. Why should Congress 60’s materials be transferred to other countries and after coming back they are welcomed and mentioned more in scientific fields? When the number of national and international journals increases, people’s attention will definitely be attracted more.

Dr. Masoud:

We all know that science is the result of experience and experiment. Valuable experience has been obtained in Congress 60 that should be scientific and presented to the world. For the first time I entered Congress 60 to do a research.

Many officials from Drug Control Headquarters and State Welfare Organization have learned about Congress 60’s activities. How many of them have been interested in the activities and wanted to learn more? They haven’t even surveyed and examined it to stop the activities if they are not reasonable. Today two of the welfare organization’s officials are here. I asked them to come and see there is a treatment method in Iran. It would be better if they come here and witness this event closely.

We had better take actions to attract researchers from other organizations and get them familiar with Congress 60. This will let them do researches in the field and publish their articles so that all the world knows Congress 60.

Dr. Mohammad:

I would like to address the issue from another angle. Some physicians might think that since Mr. Dezhakam doesn’t know anything about medicine, he shouldn’t interfere in the issue. I have drawn a triangle for myself including three sides of experience, failure and reform. Mr. Dezhakam had smoked a lot in the past and he even believed it was useful until he experienced a heart attack and decided to reform his belief; and today he presents the treatment of nicotine in congress 60.

The main reason of congress progress is in presenting the scientific subjects. If the subject weren’t scientific, they couldn’t help people so much. The greatest success of Congress 60 is in presenting the worldview and sports which have been ignored in the common treatment protocol in the country.

Mr. Bahram, a psychologist:

This article deals with different elements related to addiction treatment. I have been working in this field (addiction) since 2004 and I could never include all the necessary elements in one place. This is the art of Congress 60 to have all the elements beside each other.

Dr. Parisa:

As other friends said, addiction is a physical, mental and social sickness. Usually people who referred to clinics are not interested in devoting time to their treatment and they want just to get their medicine and not to participate in the psychological discussions and counseling. In my idea, referees shouldn’t get their medicine unless they attend the classes and meetings. Now some authorities believe that opium tincture is addictive like methadone and no treatments happen in the narcotic abusers.


Mr. Dezhakam:

It is better to look at the subject of presenting articles in a different way. For example, we can see if there have been any correct methods of treatment for MS or colitis in thousands of articles presented recently. The articles are all scientific but they have stopped the sicknesses temporarily and not permanently with some pills and injections and no decisive treatments have been occurred. We have been curing addiction to ice and methamphetamine using DST method for ten years.  Most members of Congress 60’s rugby team, who won the first-place cup of the Premier League, had been meth abusers in the past. In my opinion an article is scientific if it can meet the main need and have the last word.

Today we are honored to have dear mayor of region 3 in our meeting.

Mr. Reza Dabbaqi, the mayor of region 3:

I am so glad to be here. Unfortunately nowadays addiction is increasing every day and families are unable to confronting it. I appreciate your presence in this field to help the families. I wish organizations like this would be formed in other places, too. With the aid of Mr. Qalibaf, the Mayor, We have established Baharan Complexes in which social instructions are taught to recovered addicts; and afterwards they can start their social activities and serve their society. I thank you again and we will not hesitate to provide assistance in this regard.

Prepared by: Amin Moqari

Translated by: Marjan

October 28, 2016


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