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We received reports from Congress60 members, those who were using D-sap recorded many reports about their health condition. Those with very severe constipation declared that their problem has been solved.

The 12th  session of the 63rd  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on October  17th,    2018 at 9:45 a.m. This meeting was held by Mr. Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and Ms. Salva as the secretary. The weekly agenda was: “D-sap [Dezhakam’s discovered extract]”.

Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. This week’s agenda is “D Sap”. When a car breaks down, it has got a problem in one of its parts. If you provide engine oil for the car or check your car and fix its problems, it will never break down. Have you ever thought how a disease occurs? In the holy Quran, it is mentioned that human being was made up of pottery soil and then soul was blown into it. Another viewpoint [realization] is that all the minerals in soil exist in human body, i.e. potassium, manganese, iron and calcium are found in human body.   

Human being has two skeletons: the obvious or overt body and the hidden or covert one. The overt body has been created from soil; however, the covert skeleton has been made of fire. If you consider human body as a machine or  building, you will realise that bones are made by calcium; therefore, lack of enough calcium will lead in osteoporosis. Lack of iron in body will cause anomia. Human body is continually restructuring itself all the time. Your car will never change its parts, it is unable to do so, but your body, your blood system for instance is constantly changing. Some of the blood cells are dying and some others are existing all time. Our cells are changing continuously and our current bones and cells are not the same as the last year’s.

Bone marrow makes 20 million macrophages per minute to protect our body through the immune system therefore, our body system is in need of minerals. Some minerals are dissolved in water and the plants and trees roots absorb these minerals. Under the sunlight, these minerals change and with eating the plants or the fruits, we can gain them. Body also needs other things which are not available in the environment. Nor are they found in meat or plants, these are produced by the body itself. Serotonin, endorphin and dynorphin are merely produced in body. Body receives the minerals and produce these things in it. The body uses raw material to produce these substances. When the raw materials in the body face a problem, diseases exist. If these substances are related to the X system, psychosis and addiction will be made.

 We only eat some foods but not others, we only eat rice and we get fatter and fatter, we seldom use Pumpkin, turnip, eggplant, beetroot and beans. All the diseases and cancers are either produced by lack of the essential nutrients   or our negative thoughts. When we are sick we visit a doctor, but we have not a doctor to tell us how to live heathily. A professional is required to tell us what to eat and what not to eat.

For strengthening the bones, we need calcium but there must be some elements so that calcium can be absorbed. For calcium absorption, we need phosphorus and for phosphorus absorption we need vitamin D which is available in sunlight. Osteoporosis will occur even if calcium and phosphorus are available but not vitamin D.

Our body needs iron but we are not able to bite a piece of iron, however, we have to consume different types of vegetables and beans. Do not say fruits are expensive, they are not more expensive than the costs of a hospital, when you are hospitalized there for a treatment.

I did not mean to produce D-sap, I had not a plan to do so. I found the dropped apples under the trees in my garden. Amin suggested to make vinegar from them and I  accepted. D-sap production as against the vinegar lasts 11 months, and since it is not vinegar, we called it D-sap [ D stands for Dezhakam and sap means juice]. I had read that vinegar was good to treat constipation. Gradually,  we received reports from Congress60 members, those who were using D-sap recorded many reports about their health condition. Those with very severe constipation declared that their problem has been solved.  Those who had fatty livers stated that they got cured. Even Varicose veins were treated and we found out that “D-sap works amazingly”. This miracle is due to the process of producing D-sap. Because in this process, hundreds of thousands of vinegar flies work on it during two or three months and their saliva leads to having D-sap [as a powerful medicine]. D-sap helps weight loss and removes fats in the veins. It prevents heart attacks and brain strokes. Happy D-sap to you all.

Thank you for listening to me

Translated by Elahe

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