An Interview with Mr. Dezhakam Regarding his Recent Book:
9/7/2018 12:00:00 AM

An Interview with Mr. Dezhakam Regarding his Recent Book: "14 Articles about Addiction"

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The earnings out of selling books at auctions are for the authors; however, I disregard my own benefit and will allocate the earnings to the studies which will be carried out in the addiction area.

An interview with Mr. Hossein Dezhakam, the author of the book “14 Articles about Addiction”

Interviewer [Babak]: We are enthusiastically waiting for unveiling your book, would you please tell us about your purpose of publishing this book?

Mr. Dezhakam: As I searched for authentic, practical and scientific sources about addiction and I found nothing, you may surf the net and find 5000 articles about ice or addiction and there are many theses written on this matter; however, I am sure that if you put them together and extract them, nothing  will remain [no conclusions can be drawn about the treatment of addiction]. I mean no conclusion can be drawn about addiction, as you read these articles or theses. We wanted to provide something which can solve a problem for addicts. Then, I tried to collect all the articles I provided in Scientific Assemblies (including Zahedan Medical Congress, Zanjan university of Medical Sciences and domestic and foreign press)  within 20 years in one volume, so that I can determine the status of addiction and its treatment. This book is for those who want to work in the realm of addiction including Psychologists, sociologists, physicians, medics, and social workers. I think this book is appropriate for them

Interviewer [Babak]: About this book “14 articles”, we talked with Mr. Mohsen Zahrayi, the editor of this work, and he described this book with a nice statement: “This book is the calendar of Congress60’s science”; what is your idea in this regard? 

Mr. Dezhakam: Since Mr. Zahrayi is a literary man, he has declared this statement, and it can be said that this statement can be true.

Interviewer [Babak]: What is the purpose of unveiling and auctioning this book off? And where will the earnings of this auction be spent?

Mr. Dezhakam: Unveiling a book is common and we want to apply certain customs [we had before]. We found out that when authors want to uncover their book, they set up a ceremony to unveil their books, we said that it is nice if we do the same, because a book is a creation, that is why we do it. We simply did it for my previous book, Edmond and Helga, I kept the book in my hand and I announced: “This book will be unveiled, now see it and if you want come and I will sign it for you”. The purpose of this job is to introduce the book and invite the official authorities, universities’ officials and physicians. Secondly, physicians will speak about the 14 articles of the book, all of whom are faculty members of universities. Each will speak about one article and as a result the importance of this book will be clarified.

 It is the first time that the first volume of the book is given to a person who has proposed the highest price and we have prepared a “Title Deed” for this book, the same as a deed for a house you sell and it will be given to the first person who will pay the highest. This is done for two reasons: first, the originality of the first volume is kept forever, so that in the future, no one can claim this book is mine. Secondly, my books will be lasting and permanent. They are not seasonal and are not only used for a limited time. These books and Congress60 will be permanent forever. Therefore, I provided a title deed for the first volume and it will be strong and documented. I prepared a title deed for it so that it can be transferable. When the first person buys the first book, and pays the highest, they can keep it in their library, and since this book has a deed, they can sell it [in the future]. For instance, a person may pay 100 million Tomans [10000 $] for the first volume and three years later, they can sell it for 120 million Tomans. I am sure that this will happen and that is why this book is transferable and saleable.

To answer your second question, I shall say that generally the earnings out of selling books at auctions are for the author; however, I disregard my own benefit and allocate the earnings to the studies which will be carried out in the addiction area.

Babak: Are there any special conditions for the members who take part in the auction on Friday?


Mr. Dezhakam: Absolutely yes. First, those who want to take part at the auction must pay one million tomans either in cash or those who don’t have any money or want to market not to participate at the auction; POS machines are available.

Second, since there must be certain deed for buying the book, the buyer must pay in cash or by a credit card; or we must say this is the buyer. As the first travelers are not balanced enough, they cannot take part at the auction.

Babak: Mr. Dezhakam, the book “14 articles” has been published by Dezhakam publisher which is in its fourth year of official activity, if I’m not mistaken. How do you evaluate its function from beginning to now?

Mr. Dezhakam: The works that have been published by the publisher till now include my own books. I hope one day we publish others’ books, too.

By this time, it works well. We publish each book 6 or 7 times a year. I think the books “Crossing the zone below 60 degrees” and “Love” 7 to 8 times a year are published.

These two books are published in both Persian and English, the books “Edmond and Helga” and “14 articles” and soon we witness the publication of the book “How are you?” for which we have got its license from the Ministry of Islamic Guidance and is almost finished but the license of its cover has not be gotten. Shani draws the cover picture of the book and I have been waiting for Shani for 2 months. As drawings must be inspired, it takes time for her to draw them. This is not the case of drawing and botching by computer.

Now the drawing is ready and I have given it to Shahrouz to make its size ready for the book. I think it will also be published in some days. The publisher’s activity has been better than other publishers because today other books don’t have a circulation of 2000 whereas the book “Crossing the zone of below 60 degrees” has.

Babak: then we make a promise to your readers that your new work “How are you?” will be available soon. Regarding its scientific and worldview load, will it be translated into English?

Mr. Dezhakam: Definitely. It should be mentioned that the book is one of the references of the exam in winter 2018.

 Babak: As the last matter, since no interviews with you have been issued in Congress60’s site for a long time, what would you like to say to the members about the unveiling day?

Mr. Dezhakam: I think I haven’t interviewed with Congress60’s site for several years. I welcome them.

If there is enough space for them, they will sit in the hall, if not they must stay out the hall. I ask them to keep order. Our guest are ahead of us [prior to us]. We all know each other and communicate with each other. I am with you every week. I didn’t have any interviews with the site but we have connected to each other via CDs.

Thus try to attend. The book will be sold that day and you can buy it in cash or by POS machine.

I think the members’ getting numbers will be done before 7 to 7:30 a.m. In the park, those who want to buy the book must pay for it and get the number. Afterwards the book is unveiled.

After unveiling ceremony and the auction, the books with my signature are handed out. The first, second and third edition has been published and now the first edition has been signed and is ready to be presented on the unveiling day.

Thank you for devoting your time to us.

Translated by Marjan and Elahe






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