Serving As a Marzban (Guard)
6/27/2018 12:00:00 AM

Serving As a Marzban (Guard)

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Being a Marzban (Guard) means sacrificing, dedication, love and fourteen valley opened my eyes to experience true love.

Serving As a Marzban (Guard)

When I entered Congress60, I became acquainted with the words and phrases that were a little obscure and unclear. On the first day, I got familiar with the words "Companion" and "Commemoration of companions' week". Since I have been always thirsty for learning and knowing, I was so curious to know how this place was and what the meaning of the words that I constantly heard was.

The words like traveler, companion, serving, servant, host, master of the ceremony, secretary, Marzban (Guard) etc. I was petrified when I saw the boards on the wall. It was written on one of them:" the first valley: All structures begin with contemplation; without contemplation, all that exist will decline". It caught my interest and I wondered: "what the valley is going to say? What is its meaning? Have I really thought about the word "thinking" in my life in depth?" No, because if I did so, I was not here. I look at other valleys, the second valley: "No creature comes into existence without a purpose; none of us are insignificant even if we think of ourselves as that". Oh, my God. I got too confused. I knew but I could not understand them. So, I have not come this world aimlessly. Oh God, what was your aim of creating me? Or what was my aim of coming to this world?

The third valley says: "we should know that nobody is concerned as deeply as a human being for his true self". So, I have come to this world because of accomplishing an important mission and I have to try to understand things that I do not know and every step of these valleys is like a spark that turns into a fire and warms me up little by little.

Gradually, I learned that firstly, I should forgive myself before I can start to move. "The path is revealed with progress", I wrote this sentence in a bold line and hung it on the wall to remind me no way will be revealed if you do not move. So, I tried to perform my guide's commands with the great enthusiasm and constant presence in the workshops. I was trying to do my best to perform them because in Congress60, it is said that you should change your head with your guides'. Maybe this sentence is a little bit ridiculous at first but in the following, when you think about it in depth, you find that guide's head is full of experience and science and that is the pure science of Congress60 and now, we know well that experience is a perfect document.

As I was doing services one after another, each one taught me something. In the host position, I learned to be affable and kind. The secretary position taught me to listen carefully and write accurately. Being in the place of master of the ceremony strengthened the discipline and management in me. I have heard that Marzban place means to walk on a hot and fiery coal. Perhaps this sentence was vague for me at first but as I experienced this place for the first time, I just realized that what it meant.

A Guard should be not only powerful, disciplined, orderly but also polite, calm, affable and amiable; otherwise, they cannot serve others as it should be. Being a Marzban (Guard) means sacrificing, dedication, love and fourteen valley opened my eyes to experience true love.

I hope to learn more in the second year of being a Marzban and always to be useful in every place or position (serving places).

Written by: companion Fatemeh, Qazvin branch's Guard

Translated by: Companion Marzia

Editted by: Marjan



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  • companion atefe
زمان ارسال
6/28/2018 9:42:00 AM
hi good luck
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