A Good Future
6/13/2018 12:00:00 AM

A Good Future

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If we inspect it carefully, we will find out that the knowledge provided in Congress60 cannot be found elsewhere in other universities around the world.

We, humans, sometimes forget who we were and who we are now. How good are the people who remind us of this truth:  who we have been in the past, and who we are today. I am very happy from the depth of my heart today that I am among friends who love me and I love them too.

I can consider this agenda as “from where to where”? Many travellers say that we have destroyed or lost every thing with drug consumption, but as  a companion [who has never consumed drugs] I say that I have destroyed my body (existence) via false thinking and choosing the way of anti-values and moving away from commands and I had lost a lot of things inside me and had nothing [I had not any hopes] to live.

I was like a drowning person in the sea who had not a way out and became disappointed but all of a sudden, someone saved her life. This was Mr. Dezhakam’s helping hand who was sent by God to rescue me. The day I entered Congress60, I had nothing but a body full of destructions and I did not accept anything except death. I was a girl full of stress, full of anxiety, full of loneliness, full of humiliation, full of pride, and ... a girl who was scared of her own shadow and could not speak in front of a group of people and there was no difference between me and a dead body, and the only difference [between me and the dead] was that I only could walk and move.


But today, this companion is that lonely girl who was  full of previous destructions. I am the girl who could not even write a composition at school, but how about now? Now, I have been able to become a girl who does not have the previous destructions  and knows that if she  is looking for a good future, she must go on by thinking and stand on her own feet. In my opinion, all the training that today we obtain in Congress60 is a science that is free of charge and updated, and if we inspect it carefully, we will find out that  the knowledge provided in Congress60 cannot be found elsewhere in other universities.


Congress60 was not established easily. As Mr. Dezhakam decided to pioneer Congress60, he faced a lot of difficulties, he fought hard and did his best to arrive here. We need to think about our future and consolidate the financial and scientific base of Congress60, the first means to consolidate the foundations of Congress is the financial foundations that are very important. We should not get upset  and frustrated when we want to put money in the basket [of collecting voluntary money in Congress60]. Others have planted [a tree] and we have eaten [its fruit], now we have to plant a tree so that  others can eat.

Written by companion Rahele

Translated by Maziar

Edited by Elahe


Source : 0
Topic : Public
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