Guide's Week
5/15/2018 12:00:00 AM

Guide's Week

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Guides in Congress60 love their job and do their work with love and they do not expect their pupils to return their favour. However, we have to be grateful and we have to appraise their efforts.

The fourth session of the 62nd  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on May  2nd  2018 at 09:55 a.m. This meeting was held by Master Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and Mr. Hamed as the secretary. The weekly agenda was “Guide’s Week”.

Master Dezhakam’s speech:

Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. Fortunately, I casually talked about this agenda last week. We have to do our best to respect the positions and sanctities. If we respect this position, they will be strong and we will have a peaceful environment and there will be many volunteers to achieve these positions. Today, 3000 people take part in the guides’ exam and 10 percent of them will be accepted. This shows that this position (being a guide) is precious and individuals love to experience it. Guides love their job and do their work with love and they do not expect their pupils to return their favour. However, we have to be grateful and we have to appraise their efforts. All the positions have changed in Congress60. Outside Congress60, all people are working for their own benefit; even if they want to help a blind cross the street, they first calculate their benefit of that. But these issues have changed in Congress60.

In my communication with Prof. William, I pointed out that we have two viewpoints. The old and classic viewpoint asserts that all the addicts are suffering from craving and they are recommended to leave their onetime friends, not to see drugs and change the field of game [to change their place and friends]. But in Congress60, none of these happens [exists]. When a guide prescribes OT (Opium Tincture), they do not feel any craving, they simply prepare and weigh OT for their patients in clinics with the help of doctors and they feel no desire for that. This means that Congress60 has changed the criteria in any respect.

All the things written till now [about addiction treatment] and all the methods in this regard are outdated and rejected in Congress60. All the addiction experts around the world believe that addiction is uncontrollable; however, Congress60 just rejected this belief as we control it. The DST method can give any medicine and take it back. They [experts outside Congress60] prescribed methadone for people, but they could not take it back; therefore, they prescribed methadone for the addicts to their death. But as DST came into vogue, any drugs can be taken back.

The criterion for guidance has changed in Congress60, the touchstone for helping people has altered in Congress60. The guides are the engine of Congress60 and they free serve others with enthusiasm and love. Therefore, we have to respect them. It might be the case that two in 100 are destructive and exploit others, but the rest [of guides] are performing their job well.

Therefore, we have to respect them and you can give them any amount of money as gift. It is not important if you gift them with thousands of dollars. But it is against the law of Congress60, if you give them anything in other weeks.

In this week, you do not pay anything of yourself, but when God asks you to donate your money, He does not say to donate your own money, but to return other people’s money which is laid in your money. It means that some of money in your hand belongs to the poor and other people [because other people have contributed and helped you to collect this money].

Each person is cured here for free, you pay nothing for your treatment; however,  the cost of treatment for each person is about 2200 dollars in Congress60, therefore; 10 dollars is nothing to gift your guide with.

The only thing is to thank your guide. I am your guide in general, but this week has nothing to do with me and you have to give your gifts to your guides [not me]. All the things you want to give me, present to your guides. However, I have been the guide of 30 nicotine travelers, and they have to present me [as their guide] a gift. I have told the physicians’ legion either to do the same. You should give your guides a gift. Even if you have a teacher who has taught you anything anywhere in any fields of sports including archery, rugby, etc. and arts or education, you should go and appreciate them [with a gift].

Congress60 members are trained, but people outside Congress60 struggle with each other as they are irritated. Therefore, anyone who wants to cooperate in different parts of Congress60’s including music band or sports groups must be a member of Congress60 and they have to obey the rules. A king once upon a time had conquered a Muslim city. At noon, the residents of the city were called for prayers through Adan. The king asked what it was. They answered it was Adan which was called out to gather Muslims for prayers. The king asked if it harmed us and they answered: “No, it is not harmful to us”. He said: “ok, they are allowed to call out Adan for their prayers”. In Congress60 as well, we have the same rule: anything which harms us is forbidden. During these years, no one has warned us for anything [because of our righteous actions].

Translated by Elahe

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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