An Interview with the Worldview Watcher, Mr. Amin Dezhakam
3/17/2018 12:00:00 AM

An Interview with the Worldview Watcher, Mr. Amin Dezhakam

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Every part of Congress60 has its own burden and to manage these parts, the pillars must bear and balance their weight. In other words, the watchers bear and carry the weight and pressure of Congress60.

An interview with the most respected worldview watcher – Mr. Amin Dezhakam



Good afternoon Mr. Amin Dezhakam, could you please introduce yourself as it is common in Congress60?

Hello friends, I am Amin, a traveler. My anti-X was opium in smoking and eating form, meanwhile I smoked opium-extract too. I have finished my first journey of liberation from addiction on December 6th, 2014 and I have been liberated from addiction for 3 years, 10 months and 14 days.

Would you please tell us why Congress60 has 14 watchers? Was this number (14) chosen casually or purposefully?

This number appeared based on the different experiences in Congress60 such as 14 rules in the book: "Crossing the zone 60 degrees below zero" and "14 valley" and so on. Number 14 was repeated during Congress60 progress way. Like the DST method which represented itself in 11 months, number 14 was repeated in different situations. For example, the first time which we went to camp, we were 14 individuals or even we received ticket number 14 as we went to concert yesterday. Therefore, number 14 made this sense in Mr. Dezhakam to choose 14 individuals as watchers.

Would you please explain how you define/ interpret this sentence: "The watcher are the pillars of Congress60"?

What is the role of pillars? The pillars must be applied in proper distance of each other for bearing and dividing the weight of a building. Congress60 is a coherent structure with different parts like Legions, Workshops, Companions, Sports, Financial sections and etc… every part of which has its own burden and to manage these parts, the pillars must bear and balance their weight. In other words, the watchers bear and carry the weight and pressure of Congress60.

Dear master, will the first and second worldview pamphlets continue or they are adequate?

No! Surely they are not enough. These two pamphlets have created a mentality about hidden aspects of human beings. It is a model that makes us acquainted with worldview and shows that everything in outer world has exactly a counterpart in our inner world. With the help of the Lord, the completing topics will be introduced and most of them have been provided in educational CDs. However, these topics have not been compiled in a coherent text. The third pamphlet has been written but it is not completed.

How do you feel about Congress60 branch of Amin in Qom?

If a branch bears your name, you will be happy! The quality, the quantity and the members of this branch have progressed in comparison with the first years of it and it is more active and more prosperous today and it is moving forward. The behavior and the speeches of individuals show their good feelings and blissful states and I hope this movement will continue.

Dear Mr. Amin, what is your message as the Worldview Master for the 1st and 2nd travelers and companions?         

The important point is when we are in Congress60, we must obey and follow the principles and rules of Congress60 as far as possible. It means that first of all I have to start with myself and do my best to obey the rules which are read in the beginning of every session; because Mr. Dezhakam has precisely explained the things to cause the progress of Congress60. For example , we do not discuss political topics and our spritual growth depends on obeying rules and respecting elders and we must try to move based on the rules and principles. It does not mean to treat too rigidly and tightly but the rules must be applied properly and all of us preserve them and we have to make an affectionate relationships with other individuals, because the affectionate relationship is like our liturgist and we must never forget that. If we encounter subjects with hatred and rancor, it will create destruction. I recommend following the rules by considering love and affection. Our love must be adequate, not too little love, not too much love.

As your last words, please explain everything you think remains

I congratulate all watchers, all members of Congress60, the base of Congress60, my family and the members of Amin branch on the Watchers’ Week. I hope, all watchers including me, will be useful and act properly.

Prepared by traveler Yousef

Translated by companion Banafshe

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Topic : Interviews
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