An Interview with Mr. Ashkezari, the New-comers' Watcher
3/13/2018 12:00:00 AM

An Interview with Mr. Ashkezari, the New-comers' Watcher

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Watchers’ position is exactly like the pillars of a building. Without pillars, the roof of the building wouldn't be stable .


Free treatment of addiction, an interview with newcomers’ watcher Mr. Ali Ashkzary.



Interviewerer: Hello, please introduce yourself as it is common in Congress60?

 Mr. Ashkezari: Hello friends, I'm Ali a traveller; my anti-x drug was opium; I traveled for 17 months under the guidance of Master Dezhakam and now I have been liberated from addiction for 13 years and 6 months.

Interviewerer: Mr. Ashkzary please tell us how did you see the Elahiye (Mashhad) branch?

Mr. Ashkezari:  This is the second time I am in Mashhad branch. In all respects, Elahiye (Mashhad) branch is an orderly and most importantly very obedient branch. This obedience makes them one of the most successful branches in Mashhad.

Interviewerer: Would you please explain your responsibility as a watcher of newcomers (those who have entered Congress60 recently)?

Mr. Ashkezari: If we want to consider watcher postion in terms of responsibility it is like a general practitioner and specialist. Although a watcher’s work is generally watching, there is also a specialized part beside it. My task relates to new comers’ affairs for example rules and duties related to newcomers.

Interviewerer: What do you understand from Master Dezhakam's statement that “The watchers are pillars of Congress60”?

Mr. Ashkezari: Watcher position is exactly like pillars of a building. Without pillars, the roof of the building wouldn't be stable . Watching position is the same. Rules are the same as columns, no matter what kind of rule it is, for example Divine laws are like the column and the axis. If these rules are not implemented in the world, the existance will not survive.  On the whole, the meaning of the columns are the axes that hold the roof of the Congress60.

Interviewerer: Please tell us if you see a drug-abuser outside the Congress60, will you introduce Congress60 to him?

Mr. Ashkezari: Congress60 is not merely a building, but it is a thought in general! In my view, wherever someone asks me to guide them about addiction, there is Congress60 and I will definitely guide him.

Interviewer: On the way of Congress60's services, have you ever been in a situation in which you wanted to serve but its condition was not met?

Mr. Ashkezari: There are so many services in Congress60, however, there may be two obstacles to do all services. One is condition and the other time. There are also a lot of services that their time have not arrived yet. Actually, according to Master Dezhakam we are always behind the time.

Interviewer: Individuals are treated for free at the Congress60 branhes and every individual offers free services without any wages. Would you tell us what the thought behind this view is (free services for the treatment of addiction)?

Mr. Ashkezari: There are two interpretations of this discussion. Providing free services [in Congress60] is assumed to be worthless by some people; however, others believe that it is because it is priceless. Being liberated from addiction in Congress60 means that the life of a human being and his liberation is so valuable that there can be no price for it.

Interviewer: Mr. Ashkzary tell us about the moment you were elected as a watcher. How did you feel?

Mr. Ashkezari:  It was an unforgettable moment for me. Perhaps, I thought of anything but being elected as a watcher.

Interviewer: What is your message to members of Mashhad branch?

Mr. Ashkezari:  Members of this branch have proceeded  well so far; compared to the previous time, they are excellent and they have had significant improvement. They have also provided a place for themselves. I hope in the near future, meetings of Mashhad branch will be held at their own place.

 Interviewer: Mr. Ashkzary thanks for allocating your time (to this interview) and participating in this interview. Wish you luck and success to continue your path.

Prepared by companion Mahshid

photographer: Traveler Reza

Translated by companion Tannaz

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Topic : Interviews
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