Detoxification or non-Detoxification
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Detoxification or non-Detoxification

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The definition of addiction [in detoxification] is wrong, because you detoxify a person who is poisoned. Opium is not a poison.

The sixth  session of 61th  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on 25 January, 2018 at 09:30 a.m., this meeting was held by Master Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and Mrs. Fahime as the secretary. The weekly agenda was "Detoxification or non-detoxification".

Master Dezhakam: Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler, I hope you are all keeping well; thank God, I am fine too. Today's agenda is "Detoxification or non-detoxification". This agenda is included in our annual agendas. According to official news, we have 300 million addicts in the world right now, while the unofficial statistic is higher than the official statistic, because no one can calculate the exact number of addicts. Our country has accepted that the number of addicts in Iran is three million people. However, individuals who are consuming drugs for fun are considered as addicts because no one can claim that some thieves are professional and some others are stealing people's properties for fun; [i.e. people are either addicts or non-addicts, we have not something in between]. We can see that most people in the world are ill due to drug-consumption. We have also legal and illegal drugs: morphine is a legal drug, Pethidine, tramadol, floccitin and alperalazolam are also legal drugs, if we gather these drug users, we will have the same number of legal-drug users as illegal ones. Alcohol also has two parts: one part is considered as alcoholism and the other is alcohol-drinking. If an alcoholic does not drink alcohol, they will get off-balance (in their body); therefore, they have to drink it regularly. And we have some people who drink alcohol and they are to be alcoholic in future. I think we have about one billion people involved with legal and illegal drugs.  

When we consider this great number of addicts, we should see if there is a solution to this problem or not. We see they [physicians or doctors] give them drugs or replace their drugs, but they cannot take the drugs back from drug-abusers, meaning that they prescribe diazepam, then they change their drugs and give them Depecin or Floccetin. I have not seen that their drug is taken from them but the doctors change the drugs and the person should use the drugs to their death. However, it is not the case in illegal drugs, when it comes to illegal drug-abusers, they [physicians or doctors] try to take the drugs from the addicts. However, this issue has been complicated through Harm-Reduction theory, the addicts [should] stop smoking drugs and in return they are given some legal drugs like methadone or B2 to be used to their death. This method is; however, good for those who have reached the last stage of their life. However, as they want to take the drugs from the addicts, a great error happens; this is an error which is still observed in the world. Every week, in Congress60, 70 to 80 people are liberated from addiction; because Congress60 is like a highway [on which everything is accurately marked], Congress60 is the only place in which you are asked about the amount of your drug consumption and how you consume them. Because Congress60 knows what it wants to do. Congress60 asks about the type of your drugs and how you consume; so that based on your consumption amount and type,         your medicine (Opium Tincture) is determined [calculated] and prescribed. However, in other systems, they consider the drugs as poison and because of this assumption, they try to pull this poison out of the body [through detoxification process] and this was the greatest mistake made specially in the recent century. This was the greatest human beings' mistake and the greatest scientific mistake.

Words are either scientific or academic. All academic words are not necessarily scientific. Detoxification was a wrong and non-scientific term and brought about terrible consequences. Specially, URD and UROD were terrible. Naloxone and Naltrexone empty morphine out of body and make body and psyche off-balance. Sometimes, they lead to the death of drug-abusers. Wasn't it a catastrophe? They were not to blame, they have built something wrong and it has grown up wrong, because at first they said drugs are poison.

In the past, people committed suicide with opium, opium acted like poison, if a person ate three grams of opium, they would die, because it was used beyond its dose, in this way, the person must be taken to hospital and their stomach must be washed, because they did not use to consume opium. However, there is a great difference between a drug abuser and a person who does not consume drugs. If a drug abuser wants to detoxify poison from their body, it is enough not to use drugs for three days, after three days of drinking lots of drinks and avoiding drug-consumption, drugs will be repelled from body, i.e. it will be removed automatically.

Then you see here that the problem is not repelling and removing drugs. The definition of addiction [in detoxification] is wrong, because you detoxify a person who is poisoned. Opium is not a poison. If you want to detoxify it from body, you have to first prove that opium is a poison; afterwards, you can claim that a person who has used opium is poisoned. They say if a person consumes lots of opium, they will die. We say if a person uses too much bread or water, they will die too. May people have used diazepam for suicide, do we call diazepam a poison? No, they won't. All the patients in Loqman hospital have committed suicide using [psychological] pills [like diazepam]. Do they say: "diazepam is a poison"?  Why then do they consider heroin as poison? Heroin is diacetylmorphine [it is a chemical substance the same as diazepam].     Detoxification has misled a lot of people. We have wise physicians and doctors, but the protocol they received on the first day was wrong and no one dared to say this protocol was wrong.

What I told you here was a scientific article entitled as "non-detoxification" which I presented in Zanjan's faculty of medical sciences and delivered a speech there. In that time, UROD received most attention and the Anesthesiologists performed it. After I delivered my speech, some doctors who were on intimate terms with me became angry with me. In that seminar, I told them: "detoxification is not needed, it is enough to give a bowl of pickles (saturated in vinegar) to an addict, immediately the addict becomes detoxified or with half a glass of lemon juice, withdrawal symptom (syndrome) appears instantaneously. There are many ways to simply detoxify the body (like lemon juice), you are not needed to pay so much money for Detoxification [in hospital]. Strange strategies were used to detoxify body from drugs, these methods sometimes make me cry. Those who have proposed URD or UROD were not guilty, they were told if drugs come out of body, the person's blood test for drugs will be negative.

I was in London when a new method came into fashion, they put a pill inside the addict's belly, so that if they consume drugs, they would not be intoxicated (high). However, the story is something completely different, as if you had lost something in your house (in Tehran), and you try to find it in Isfahan (somewhere else).

They had done anything except saying what addiction is! Congress60 mentioned that addiction is chronic replacement. World Health Organization defines addiction as chronic poisoning (intoxication). The United Nations, UNODC and  World Health Organization are wrong and they do not know what addiction is. Addiction is chronic replacement in which internal drugs of body are replaced by external drugs. If you accept this, the way will be open and one billion people around the world who are involved with addiction will be liberated from addiction.

A Hollywood actor who was very famous and had an Oscar award hanged himself, because he was an alcoholic and he had found no way to get rid of alcohol. Hadn't he a clinic (to go for treatment)?! [yes, he had!]; Hadn't he a professional doctor? ! [yes, he had]. Hadn't he good medicine in hand?! [yes, he had]. But, he could not find a way to treat his addiction.

Three to seven percent of those who get cold turkey may continue this status [most of them will consume drugs again after getting cold-turkey]. Counter Narcotics Headquarters have allotted $22222 to focus on the performance of Congress60. Because it is very important to them to find out how Congress60 is working so that its members have a long period of liberation from addiction. Counter Narcotics Headquarters will perform an experiment in which 500 members of Congress60 will be randomly selected from 3500 liberated members. Two weeks ago, they have run an experiment on 30 members of Congress60 who had been liberated from addiction for more than a year. 24 of them were completely drug-free and the rest had a minimum amount of codeine in their blood test, which was related to the consumed codeine medicine they had taken. This means that in the first stage of their experiment, 80 percent of Congress60's members were completely drug-free. This statistic is completely different from the global statistics, since global statistic is 3% while Congress60 has set a record of 80%. This is because of Congress60's correct path, because it says detoxification is not true.

Translated by Elahe

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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