The Third Valley and its Effect on me
11/26/2017 12:00:00 AM

The Third Valley and its Effect on me

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The third valley wants to teach us to take a look at ourselves. As Jesus Christ mentioned: how is it possible that you can see a thorn in one's eye and you disregard a stick in your own eye?

The eleventh  session of 60th  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on 15 November , 2017 at 9:53 a.m., this meeting was held by Master Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and Mr. Amir as the secretary. The weekly agenda was "The Third Valley and its Effect on me: We should know that nobody is concerned as deeply as a human being for his true self."

Hello friends, I am Hosseon, a traveler. Thank God, I am fine and hope you are fine too. I offer my condolences for the earthquake in which many of our compatriots were buried under the ruined buildings and they are now experiencing a hard life. God bestow patience upon the survivors. Consulting with the authorities in Congress60, we decided that Congress60's members individually help the earthquake-stricken people as far as they can. Since we had "Golrizan Ceremony: money donation" last week, we cannot collect money here.  Therefore, each of you is required to help the compatriots as far as you can. This (earthquake) could happen to us. Anyway, it is of God's wisdom. Everywhere (around the world) these events can take place. God bestow patience on survivors. These events are great exams; therefore, everyone individually can help the earthquake-stricken people.

The agenda today is going to clarify our duty and says that you have to take the responsibility of your own affairs. All human beings want to hand over their responsibilities to others.  I have read this poem several times to you, even those who are guilty or in jail write it on the walls of prison: "I was a baby pigeon and my mom died, they grew me up with cow's milk and unfortunately, the cow died; then, they took me to the school of love and the teacher came in and taught grief." It seems as if from the very beginning, as all the events happened to me, all the things around me were guilty except me; therefore, the innocent one was I! Sometimes, you consult with the psychologists or psychiatrists, they examine you and to find a solution to your problems, they review your childhood and suddenly they introduce one of your childhood problems as the root of your illness.  The only thing they propose is to move the problem from one place to another; however, the problem is not solved. For instance, you may be suffering holding a watermelon in one hand, they suggest to give it to the other hand and again as you get tired, you are required to change  the position of the watermelon, and you say: "oh, I get relaxed",  in this way, the problem is not solved. This is only the transposition of the problem, because they throw the responsibilities on others.

A drug abuser says: "damn the person who gave me drugs or damn the person who gave my son the instruments to smoke opium". Your son himself has gone towards drugs and no one forced him to consume drugs. The third valley tells us: we should know that nobody is concerned as deeply as a human being for his true self. Each person plays a role in their own problems. The responsibilities are on own shoulders and we ourselves have to take the responsibilities and perform our task. If we cannot deal with our family, we are primarily guilty. If my spouse is incompatible, I am also involved in this problem, it is not the case that only s/he is to blame.

In the beginning of each session, we implore God "please save us from our greatest enemy which is our own ignorance". In all my life, I have found nothing more dangerous than ourselves, this is the truth; however, we are not aware of that! We should mention the beautiful statements, no matter who has declared that.  Mr. John F. Kennedy once said: " Do not ask what the U.S. has done for us, instead ask what you have done for the U.S. (of course he has said it for his own country). Therefore, we have to ask ourselves the same question; we should not ask: "what has the Islamic Republic of Iran done for us?" Instead, ask yourselves what we have done for Islamic Republic of Iran. The third valley wants to teach us to take a look at ourselves. As Jesus Christ mentioned: how is it possible that you can see a thorn in one's eye and you disregard a stick in your own eye?

If you reach this point that for any life issues, you judge fair and see the role of yourself in that problem and find your own fault, all the problems will be solved. Sometimes, in Congress60, some people are given some responsibilities; however, they have not learned to be obedient. They might be border-guard or master of ceremony, etc.; in this situation, they are asked not to attend Congress60 (for a while) so that we make a decision about them. In this case, instead of finding their own problems, the first thing they do is to try to find the person who has reported their wrong doings to me. These people come and ask who has made mud-slinging accusations against us and who has backbitten us. Mr. Dezhakam  will not judge (you) as he hears anything. He won't give the verdict, unless he examines the matter. Fortunately, in Congress60, all the members are living in peace and calmness. They are gradually learning how to solve their problems so that they reach the point of being humane.

The treatment of addiction in Congress60 is very simple using the DST method and OT (Opium Tincture) and those who are willing to get liberated from addiction can do that. I want the Lord to make you prosperous and I hope all of you be successful. Thank you all for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe 

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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