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"Positive thoughts, positive experiences, scripted participation"

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People’s situations in Congress60 imitate the fall season. Those who change faces and stay in anti-values will fall down like the withered leaves in autumn.

"Positive thoughts, positive experiences, scripted participation"


Hello friends, I am Mehri , a companion.

You are the one who never detaches from my mind. How can I not appreciate you while you are the source of my peace and hope when nothing and nobody can do it? It is you and only you, you are (the source of) my beliefs, my faith, and hope.

We usually live with sorrow and sadness, grief and superficiality, hopelessness, wrong thoughts, jealousy, fear and irresponsibility. It is easier than being happy and in peace, and having a profound and positive attitude. Do you know why? Because, the first prominent characteristic of a break down and collapse is its comfort. It does not need much energy. These characteristics ruin our body and soul. But the positivity is like climbing (a mountain), it is difficult and needs more energy. A Super Power conducts people to a selected way between darkness and light. Human being experiences darkness to honor the light. If we spend lots of energy, our life will be filled up with rises (successes).

As long as, I blame others for my losses and failures, I will never succeed. I should take responsibility for my decisions and actions. Even if I fail, I should not look for the culprit. Instead, I should derive the experiences from failures. And I should remember that each and every thing has been created for a reason

I learned from Congress60’s educational programs that our beliefs have the power of construction and destruction. We own a powerful ability to learn from our life experiences, which leads us to lose or save our life. I changed and saved my life with the Congress60’s educational programs.

People’s situations in Congress60 imitate the fall season. Those who change faces and live in anti-values will fall down like the withered leaves in autumn. Remember that life doesn’t stay the same. One day, beyond your imagination , in some place that you have not dreamed of, at a moment that you are liberated from addiction you are granted from God more than what you had been looking for; something invaluable and sweet. And then, you will lead the life happier than ever.

This valley tells me that there are a few people who can navigate their inner boats safely to the happiness shore. The rest would leave it in the destiny’s turbulences. I know that I can learn from difficulties and remember that patience arises from faith. And frustration only means delay not failure. I become wiser because of my mistakes, more powerful because of my hard times, and happier because of my sadnesses. In the past, I felt that I was not able to go forward but now I know that the power which has helped me still is there to the end. I will never forget that it is I who makes a success from each day. And this is I who constructs the path of my life. Because,  the dimensions of life will increase with gradual daily growth.

I know from my heart that there always is a way: effort. It includes planning, progress, thoughtful thinking, awareness, healthy lifestyle, energy, love, knowledge, hope, success, faith, conscious, self-confidence, and etc.

Written by companion Mina

Translator: companion Parvin

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Topic : Articles
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