An Interview with Mr. Salami, a Congress60's Watcher
11/5/2017 12:00:00 AM

An Interview with Mr. Salami, a Congress60's Watcher

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Everybody should help as much as they can in order to get Congress60’s goal, i.e. helping distressed people.


  • Interviwer: First of all we welcome you to Mashad Branch. Would you please tell us why Congress60 doesn’t establish new branches whereas it can afford? Is there a shortage of manpower in the branches?

Mr. Salami: We have both manpower and the ability to work but what we seek is the quality rather than the quantity. Master Dezhakam always advises me to work so much that I can manage the issue.

We can have such a successful branch that it can work much better that 10 branches. There has been significant progress in Congress60. For the last 18 years of Congress60’s activity and also 2 years of research done by Master Dezhakam himself, 50 branches have been founded, i.e. two and a half branches each year.Today Congress60 has gained lots of honors. It has been introduced as the best NGO by the Interior Ministry and National Federation of Social Workers; and this refers to observing the quality.

There is a community called the Public Partnership Committee in the Anti-Drug Headquarter in which most of the governmental organizations and all ministries have representatives.

Master Dezhakam is a member of the community and has recently been appointed as its vice president. This indicates Congress60’s efficient performance. There are organizations holding 50,000 meetings while our branches’ outcome is much better than theirs.

  • Interviwer: There are many referrals whom we cannot accept because of not having enough space in Mashad Branch. Is there the same condition in other cities?

Mr. Salami: Yes. In Kerman the number of the legion’s members had reached to 80 people. Not only we didn’t take any action to increase the capacity but we made the legion closed in order not to sacrifice quality to quantity.

  • Interviwer:Would you let us know when the building will be built?

Mr. Salami: This definitely depends on the members’ ambition. As it was said the ground has been bought by the grace of the Lord and our team are trying to get the building permits quickly. Everything is ready and the amount of Mashhad Branch’s debt to the central office of Congress60 must be provided in the ceremony of “Golrizan” (a money-donation)


  • Interviwer: Let me ask you a question about sports, please. What about Rugby?

Mr. Salami: As you know I am the chairman of Rugby Committee of Tehran province. This year we were selected as the best provincial committee throughout the country for the second consecutive year.

 Our rugby team was selected as the best one in the country. Congress60’s club, whose director is Master Dezhakam, includes 14 sports events. The rugby team was selected as the best of all and received the prize from Dr. Aqabeig two weeks ago. It also placed the fourth in the League.

We learn and we are pleased the team which was ridiculed in the past is the rival of great teams which lobby other teams against it since they fear to face us. Bad luck , a change in the rules and a rare event like the ball’s running into the goal bar changed the result. However we go to sports field just to learn more.

  • Interviwer: We had heard about the foundation of an academy to introduce the international addiction treatment by Congress60. How is it going?

Mr. Salami: It is one of the main goals of Congress60 which makes the speed of its globalization faster. Other nations can attend Congress60’s academy to educate and take the DST method as a souvenir to their countries. Thus Congress60’s progress speeds up. The first step includes buying a piece of ground more than 2 hectares.

  • Interviwer: Who are the professors of this academy?

Mr. Salami: "The path will be revealed with progress." Maybe some of them are from outsiders and some from Congress60’s educated members.

  • Interviwer: What can I, as a traveler, do to attain the goal?

Mr. Salami: I tell Congress60’s members to study related fields as far as possible just like Master Dezhakam’s daughter and some others who are studying anatomy, psychology and so on.

 Interviwer: Will you talk about the agenda “Golrizan”( money-donation ceremony), please?

Mr. Salami: Everybody should help as much as they can in order to get Congress60’s goal, i.e. helping distressed people. For instance, in order to build Congress60’s building in Mashhad, one can pay some money, another one can provide materials and tools or work according to their skills. Isfahan Branch was built in this way.

Try to strength your monetary bases. Once upon a time, everything started from a small room in Mashhad. The previous members worked hard in order prepare an opportunity for those who are willing to serve people today.

  • Interviwer: Where would be Mr. Majid Salami if Congress60 didn’t exist?

Mr. Salami: Definitely I cannot say where I would be without Congress60 but I say for sure that I wouldn’t have today’s peace and quiet. Today I enjoy being and working in Congress60. Master Dezhakam told me not to go to Mashhad but I told him that I enjoyed and would not get tired.


Prepared by: Traveler Emad

Photographer: Traveler Farhad

Translated by: Marjan


Source : 0
Topic : Interviews
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