The X System
10/19/2017 12:00:00 AM

The X System

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Why did Mr. Dezhakam introduce opium as a medicine? Because opium has 25-50 alkaloids and had been used for thousands of years before. These alkaloids are very similar to body’s natural chemicals.


The fifth session of Congress60’s educational workshop series was held in Shams branch for companions at 4 o’clock on Monday 1396/07/17. Mrs. Kamandar was the lecturer, Mrs. Maryam  and Mrs. Behnaz were the guardian and secretary of the session. Weekly agenda was “The X System."


Summary of the lecture:

Thank you for inviting me to your branch.

The weekly agenda is the X System which is introduced by Mr. Dezhakam for the first time. The X System is a collection of body’s neurotransmitters, mediators, endocrine and exocrine glands. Their behaviors and impacts on each other and on the body make the X System. Why was it called the X System? Because a series of its mechanisms are known so far and the rest have not been discovered yet. Another definition described by Mr. Dezhakam was “AntiX”. Any substances consisted of alcohol, stimulating,  hallucinogenic and delusive drugs which are used without prescription will hurt human body and are called Anti X. Because such substances destroy body’s natural X System.


Referring to Disorder CD, illnesses are divided into two parts: disorders and diseases. For example, if someone dies from Alzheimer and his brain cells show some physical changes, it is a disease and if you cannot see the changes, like schizophrenia, then it is a disorder.

For years, doctors believed that addiction falls into the disorder category. For this reason, addicts should be monitored by psychologists. For the first time, Mr. Dezhakam described that addiction is a disease, not a disorder. When human body has a disease or a problem, doctors would investigate the disease, patient’s history, areas of the body which have been affected, progress of the disease and clinical signs and symptoms. Then, they will sketch a treatment protocol and prescribe the medicine.

Mr. Dezhakam said that addiction is a disease and its medicine is OT syrup. Why did Mr. Dezhakam introduce the opium as a medicine? Because opium has 25-50 alkaloids and had been used for thousands years before. These alkaloids are very similar to body’s natural chemicals. For example, human body secrets dinorphyn, endorphins, papaverine, epinephrine, and etc. For example, the body's natural endorphin is 200 times stronger than  the manufactured morphine.

Based on this diagnosis, the treatment protocol was presented and called DST. D stands for Dezhakam, S for step which is the period of 21 days for tapering the OT and T for time to complete the treatment which is approximately ten months. After a while, doctors recognized that some other diseases are cured along with addiction. And finally, the theory was presented to scientists: If the body’s X System doesn’t work properly, it will cause chronic physical and psychological illnesses and diseases.

Thank you for listening.

Writer: Companion Ensieh

Translator: Parvin

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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