An Interview With Mr. Ahmad , A watcher's Assistant
10/10/2017 12:00:00 AM

An Interview With Mr. Ahmad , A watcher's Assistant

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A guide must know the most important point in instruction is that no subject could be taught unless we had accomplished it.

An interview with Mr. Ahmad Sharifian, a watcher’s Assistant

Good afternoon and thank you for making an appointment. We appreciate your invaluable work, writing down the master’s speeches on Wednesdays’ workshops, in the website of Congress60.

Please introduce yourself.

Hello friends, I am Ahmad, a traveller. My anti-x: pills, meth, and injecting crack.  I travelled with opium for 11 months and 15 days.  My guide: Mr. Mojtaba Dehghani. My sport field: futsal and my liberation from addiction: 5 years and 27 days.

I congratulate on your 5th year of liberation beforehand. Will you tell us about your previous services in Congress60?

Wrapping up my first journey, I started my services as secretary and master of ceremonies.  In 2013, I was elected as Marzban (guard) and in the same year, I was selected as co- Ordouban ( co-camper) and I passed co-guide exam simultaneously.  In 2014, I founded my legion and I tried to help more as co-camper. Now I serve in planting camp in Natural Resources part and newly, I proudly serve as Mr. Torabkhani’s (a watcher) assistant.

What do you think about curing in Congress60?

It is a perfect and unique process.


What you say to ones who are going to found their legion if you want to say concisely about your experiences of conducting your legion during these four years?

A guide must know the most important point in instruction is that no subject could be taught unless we had accomplished it. For example, I could not conduct my students to begin their nicotine travel unless I cured my smoking addiction. I had suddenly quit smoking for two years but I started my nicotine travel by DST method in Congress60 and afterwards I realized how much I can be effective for my pupils in this regard.


What is the most pleasurable event in Congress60 for you?

The strongly exiting from darkness and leaving vices of a traveller and his companion, meaning the birth of a new life.

Please say very briefly your ideas about following topics:

Mr. Dezhakam: love

Website of Congress60: communication channel

First travellers: blessing

Autumn: leaving vices

What is the most significant for a guide?

He must not know himself the owner of student and educates them to be at service of Congress60.  When a guide sees his students are serving in Congress60, he experiences an inestimable feeling.

Do you think that presence in Congress60 is limited? What are its boundaries?

Presence in Congress60 is compulsory for a while but you will be a part of Congress60 after a period of time. In other words, you don’t come to Congress60 compulsorily. I believe, presence in Congress60 may be obligatory for a period but it will be voluntarily. We must select; and every individual chooses the boundaries.  I myself have had all blessings in my life just because of Congress60.

I heard you have accepted dumb and deaf people in your legion. How did you decide to do this?

When I was Marzban (guard), a mother and her son came to Congress60.  She requested me to speak with her son. When I saw them, I left my work and decided to speak with them. I was Marzban (guard) and I hadn't found my legion at that time yet but Mr. Dehghani, the agent of the branch at that time, offered me to accept helping that man. Then we went to Mr. Dezhakam to get permission for helping him.

At first I typed for him and communicated by writing but it was difficult and ineffective. Founding my legion, I thought if there were deaf and dumb people who needed help, I would do it. Simultaneously, I took part in classes in the Deaf Centre two times a week, so I could learn sign language. About 8 deaf and dumb individuals came to my legion and one of them was liberated and cured.

Would you tell your pupils a sentence?

I have learned much from you.

Could you tell us one of your significant traits?

I achieve everything I want.

And your last words…

I hope to be in Congress60 as long as I am able to.

Thank you for participating in this interview.

I thank you, too and I hope you will be successful.

Prepared by: Meisam Amiri

Translated by: Companion Banafshe

Editted by: Marjan


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Topic : Interviews
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  • ahmad sharifian
زمان ارسال
10/11/2017 9:02:24 AM
Many thanks to site servitors Thank God for being in Congress Thank you Dezhakam engineer
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