The Problem of Addiction
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The Problem of Addiction

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Currently, this method, which is based on the article of the problem of Addiction, has drawn the attention of many researchers and specialists in the field of addiction and treatment inside our country and abroad.

Congratulations to all members of Congress 60 and scholars on the start of the new academic year.

Congress 60 is scheduled to hold a weekly meeting for 52 weeks in a fifty-two week period and the list is available annually to delegates and members of Congress60 and based on that, each week, a specific topic is discussed and exchanged.

These issues are arranged in such a way that all information or a large part of the needs of a drug user can be met by knowledge and addiction treatment through which it can lead to liberation from addiction.

When we talk about the problem of addiction, we are talking about the first building blocks of Congress60. Congress 60 has defined a complete building block to fully explain the issue of addiction; therefore, not only is addiction not a simple and marginal issue any more, but also It is a science of specialization and, more interestingly, to complete the science of addiction, all sciences and disciplines should come to its aid. In other words, in order to fully understand the issue of addiction and how to treat it, all kinds of sciences are needed.

Let's talk about the problem of addiction,

If we want to simply describe the problem of addiction in the first place, we would better explain the problem or the form of the questioned questions in this field. Because there's a question mark in our mind about what the addiction really is, we call it a problem.

There's always a question about a problem, the problem faces some unanswered questions, and the problem means that before answering and thinking about the answer, first think exactly what the questions are and why we are looking for what's lost. We must carefully consider all the components of these questions in order to know what we are looking for. Otherwise, when we do not know what we want, it’s obvious we will be misled.

One of the main problems of addiction has been this issue, meaning that we had thousands of questions in mind; however, no one was able to provide appropriate answer to them. This resulted in a confused lane that has misled the whole world, and no one could find a rational way for it. At the end of the misleading and unconscious consciousness, some concluded that addiction is incurable and some propose that addiction can be treated in the short term and in few hours.

It is interesting to note that for this reason, a clear and complete definition of addiction was not provided and no specific treatment protocol was presented.

One of the most important actions that Congress60's founder (The author of the book Crossing the Zone of 60 Degrees below Zero and the initiator of the DTS method) did, was to turn all of these questions into one question, which left many unsettled low-drive questions and turned an equation with thousands of collections into an equation with one unknown parameter, and an amazing event took place.

- Unknown or the X in the above-mentioned equation was: why does not  a person feel balanced and prosperous, after doing their best and working hard through different methods? Why are they not able to perform their daily tasks?  And why do they have the urge to use drugs?

- After extensive research, After years of drug addiction and multiple methods, under the supervision of the most experts in this field who  graduated abroad, after hours of  theoretical thinking and practical work, Master Dezhakam came up with this answer: the Opioid system and Natural Drug Producers, or endogenous, which is called the X-system  in Congress 60 (are responsible for the unanswered questions).

 This system is disrupted and does not work properly. Its function is devolved to the external drug that the person consumes. When the drug is discontinued, the ineffectiveness of this system causes problems and disruptions, which are not simply launched, if the drug is suddenly discontinued, the severe hangover resulting from it, like a deadly blow, gives the body such a shock that it will not be normal until the end of its life.

What will happen when the X-System does not work properly?

First, its physiology and the body (from foot thumb to the hair of the head) face many troubles they all get unbalanced and all kinds of pain and restlessness (from sneezing and yawning to diarrhea) will be experienced by the drug abuser.

Second, the mental or set of hidden faces get off-balance. When the drug user disconnects his consumption, besides the physiology problems, there are many collapses in the hidden faces of the city of existence (body), but it doesn't mean that there's a mental illness, not at all, the mentality is out of balance as a result of the body's imbalance. Because the natural organs of the body get off-balance, it manages situations that are similar to those of people and patients with mental illnesses, such as depression and isolation. The root of these disorders lies in the body, not in the psyche.

Third, the thoughts and attitudes toward life are also subject to transformation, of course they change to negative ones, in this case there's no hope, and the drug user is not able to think and make decisions, not even does his job and his responsibilities, everything is upside down. He is a creditor and thinks that life without drugs is meaningless and all the pleasures of the world and life are summarized in a single word of "drug consumption", in Congress 60, this phenomenon is called "opioid worldview".

When the founder of the Congress60 found the major issues of addiction that until that time had not been touched by anyone, he actually put his findings into practice and after 11 months of using the new method, he could be liberated from addiction. The difference was that none of the issues and problems that had once experienced in the previous methods, never were experienced using this new method which was called "DST". None of them existed and it was a surprise to him that he had no physical, psychological and ideological problems.

The author of the book, Crossing the Zone of 60 degrees below Zero, finally succeeded in treating his addiction after years of drug abuse without any complication, temptation and desire for drug-consumption. He realized that the most important issue in addiction treatment is the X-System which is responsible for the equilibrium covering all aspects of human existence, including the psych, the body and the worldview.

It was then that he introduced his method in a scientific article and submitted it to the medical Congress held in Zahedan University of Medical Sciences. The article was accepted by the Congress of "Analysing Different Methods of Addiction Treatment".

This article simply described the problem of addiction disease and stated that addiction or drug abuse and its dependence in three important parts of the human existential city make a disruption in an individual's physiology, psych and worldview.

The disruption in the body is in the system of natural organs including neurotransmitters  and chemical mediators such as Dinorphine, Encophalin, endorphin,  dopamine ,serotonin and also Intrathoracic hormones such as Norepine, melatonin, adrenaline, etc. whose production depends on the entrance of external drugs such as opium, Heroin, Squeak, Crack, meth. In other words, external opioids have replaced intrinsic opiates.

The most comprehensive and complete definition for the addiction disease is from the point of view of the physiology, namely the replacement of external or synthetic drugs instead of natural body opiates.

All the disorders in psych are rooted in imbalance of body and worldview. Therefore, when the body and worldview become balanced, psych will be balanced too.

Hossein Dezhakam has fixed the addiction problem in the form of an addiction treatment triangle: the physiology, the psych, and the worldview.

Today, nearly 18 years have passed since then, thousands of people from different parts of the country who have been consuming a variety of narcotic drugs have come to Congress 60, have used the DST method and have received addiction treatment with Opium Tincture. They do not have the slightest complication after complete and definitive treatment. It should be noted that this method found the Opium Tincture as the best, most complete, least complicated and most effective drug treatment for addiction.

Nowadays, the most important issue in our various methods of addiction treatment is drug craving and replacing, but in DST method there's not any craving or replacing.

Currently, this method, which is based on the article of the problem of Addiction, has drawn the attention of many researchers and specialists in the field of addiction and treatment inside our country and abroad. Many research projects in this field were set up in specialised centers and even its pilot on the animals has also been incredibly successful. 

This method is going to be presented and accepted as a global template all over the world.

Written by traveler Ali Khoddami (a Watcher)

Translated by traveler Shahab

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