An Interview with Mrs. Marjan, the Editorial Board Member of Congress60 English Website
8/7/2017 12:00:00 AM

An Interview with Mrs. Marjan, the Editorial Board Member of Congress60 English Website

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Master Dezhakam mentions that no one is indebted to Congress60. However, when I think I realized that whatever I have is due to Congress60 and its instructions. Now, it is my turn to donate whatever I have once received from Congress60 however I can.

Interviewer: Please introduce yourself.

Mrs. Marjan: Hello friends, I am Marjan, Kamran's companion. Kamran had 20 years of smoking opium and opium-extract. He traveled for 18 months based on  the DST method with opium, under the guidance of Mr. Ali and Miss. Soudabe. We have been liberated from addiction for nine years and eight months


Interviewer: How did you get familiar with Congress60?

In 2005, I saw Mr. Dezhakam's name in the footnote of a book entitled as "Girls and boys addiction". Then, I chat with him in the chat hall and I called him afterwards. Then, we went to Isfahan for treatment (we have been living in Shahrekord).


Mrs. Marjan: How many years have you been in Congress60 and which serving positions have you experienced till now?

Interviewer: We have been in Congress60 for 12 years and I am gratified to be Marzban (border-guard), guide-assistant, assistant, and blogger. I am gratified to experience almost all the serving positions till now.

Interviewer: How did you become interested to serve in the website?

Mrs. Marjan: Observing the exciting moments of birthdays (the anniversary of getting liberated from addiction) was very interesting to me, that is why I decided to record these moments so that those who were absent in the meetings could benefit from visiting the web and see the session and events. I thought it might act as a sparkle for them to be motivated and move (so that they become liberated from addiction).  Therefore, I started to write weblog in Isfahan branch in 2006.

Interviewer: When did you start working in English website of Congress60?   

Mrs. Marjan: In February 2015, I saw a formal recall   by Master Dezhakam (written by Mr. Ehsan) and Miss. Elahe and I stared our work in this section from that time. Before that, we had translated some articles about addiction.


Interviewer: When did the English site become more active?

Mrs. Marjan: Considering few members of English website, this part has well developed. We are faced with the shortage of translators, that is why the English posts are significantly less than Persian posts. In the previous years, Mr. Saeed, Mr. Ehsan and others have been working even more than their capacity, their hard work cannot be disregarded at all and I appreciate them because I have been always learning from them.

Interviewer: Has the translation any instructions for you?

Mrs. Marjan: Definitely yes! The translation of Persian texts into English requires the translators to have a correct recognition of the text, then, they are required to find the appropriate equivalents, so that the meaning will be transferred accurately. Therefore, the translator must focus on the vocabularies and the sentences to understand the meaning. Then, they are required to find the appropriate equivalents. In this process, the translator faces new phrases and this will lead to the acquisition of more vocabularies. Focusing on the meaning and concepts; moreover, will lead to the growth of thinking and contemplation.

Interviewer: Does working in the English section energize you?

Mrs. Marjan: Definitely yes, because it is a type of serving (people).

Interviewer: What did drive you to do this great and time-consuming work?

Mrs. Marjan: This is a great work and I am doing just a small part of it. Master Dezhakam mentions that no one is indebted to Congress60. However, when I think I realized that whatever I have is due to Congress60 and its instructions. Now, it is my turn to donate whatever I have once received from Congress60 however I can. It does not matter who these people are and from which nationality they come.


Interviewer: How many members are working in the English website?

Mrs. Marjan: Twenty people said that they were ready to help; however, ten members are active in this part from different branches. Each has translated between one text and several texts. Master Dezhakam recommended to establish an editorial board so that the English part will work more coherently.

Interviewer: What is the effect of the English site on the foreign countries?

Mrs. Marjan: Unquestionably yes! It has had and will have much effect. Addiction is widespread in the world, surly many people in the world are seeking for a way to get liberated from addiction. With globalized Congress60, we mean the findings and achievements of Congress60 and the DST method are introduced to all people in the world who are seeking to find a way to be  liberated from addiction.

Interviewer: Is the Congress60's website helpful for those who are not in Congress60?

Mrs. Marjan: Certainly, yes, especially for those who have just heard a name of Congress60, but they have not known it and its instructions. In his recent speech, Master Dezhakam has pointed out that balance in the triangle body, psych and worldview is essential for all human beings, those people who are not able to balance the three sides of this triangle are messed-up individuals and they are facing many problems. Congress60's website is also based on this triangle, those who are really seeking for the righteous path will find whatever needed to change the style of their life.    

Interviewer: Have you anything to share with the companions and travelers?

Mrs. Marjan: I invite all those who know English and want to serve people to join the translation team of Congress60. The mission of this team is not less than other services in Congress60. It is a very sweet service teaching a wealth of knowledge to us. Liberation from addiction is not the end; our work will be complete through serving people!

Interviewer: And your last  words?

Mrs. Marjan: I am much grateful to Master Dezhakam who let me serve in this section. I hope we can gain Master Dezhakam's satisfaction. I am thankful to all the members from all the branches and hope they continue their cooperation with us. My thanks also go to Miss. Elahe who is one of the important levers in the English website. I am happy for our cooperation in this section. Eventually, I am thankful to you and Shahrekord bloggers.

Translated by Elahe





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  • Banafsheh.A
زمان ارسال
8/9/2017 1:32:25 AM
Dear Mrs. Marjan Your words are full of love, life and hope. I appreciate you and dear Mrs. Elahe for your invaluable works. Best wishes
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