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"Job, Education and Power"

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Any organizations, families, countries which long for power must have knowledge, money and expertise. It is wrong to state that since we are spiritual people, money is not important for us.

The eleventh session of 59th  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on 19 July, 2017 at 10:55 a.m., this meeting was held by Master Dezhakam as the master and Mrs. Zahra as the secretary and the weekly agenda was "job, education and power".

Master Dezhakam: Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. Before starting speaking on the agenda, I tell you the decisions of Didebans' (Watchers') session on some issues: from now on, male companions in Congress60 will hold their sessions on Thursday morning. They are no longer allowed to attend the travelers' meetings on Sundays and Tuesdays. They must attend their own meetings and they must select a guide, otherwise, they are not considered as "companion" and not allowed to participate in sports championship and guides' exam.

Guides must encourage their pupils to attend Congress60 in time before the start of the meeting, they must encourage their pupils to share their experiences in the participation time, they must encourage their pupils to be the master of the ceremony or secretary or read the written materials. As Amin mentioned, we have both the particles and waves. The legion is particle and the meeting is wave and they are complementary to each other; therefore, the guide must be present in the meeting (from the beginning), they cannot come only before the start of legion to sign and hand over the OT letters. The guide must be present from the very beginning of the session and observe their pupils. When the guide does not come on time, their pupils will not come on time too. 

If the guide comes late, they are not allowed to introduce themselves to the newcomers. If a guide comes after 6 p.m., they are not allowed to sign the attendance list. The guest speaker is allowed to speak only for five minutes and not more. The guest speaker is only the coordinator of the meeting in that if they start their speech in sad way, all the members will say sad things and if they start the session with good things, the member will do the same.  All the members in the meeting are the masters of the session; they must participate in the meeting and share their experiences. The guest speaker is the starter of session and others will imitate them. A guest speaker at universities will speak for an hour; however, in Congress60, a guest speaker is only a starter, that is why we respect them, do not believe that you are a real master and speak for an hour!

The next point is that the master of the ceremony is not allowed to write the name of those who want to participate and tell their experiences. When the master of the ceremony hands over the meeting to the guest speaker, they are not allowed to interfere with the duties of the guest speaker. The guest speaker must write the name of contributors. The newcomers must be given priority to participate in the meeting over the experienced ones.

All the branches except for Academy branch must be open at 1:30 p.m. A servicing Marzban (border guard) was also assigned to hand over the responsibilities in meetings. All the members wishing to serve people in Congress60 must go to the servicing-guard with their follow-up letters and declare their readiness to serve in the meeting.

Guides must teach their pupils to call their guide by their first names. To keep the members' identity, you have to call the members only by their first name. The pupils must call their guides by their first names. You should also avoid calling the members by their nicknames. The most important thing in the sessions is the experience of each member, for instance a person says that I was smoking opium or heroin, they told me if you got cold-turkey and drink alcohol instead, alcohol would wash morphine and I did so, eventually I got completely destroyed. Because if an opium or heroin consumer suddenly withdraws their consumption, they will taste the sense of death, this is worse than using naltrexone and any other drugs. The most dangerous point is to get a cold-turkey and replace opium or addictive drugs with alcohol; this is also very common among drug-users. Therefore, if a person tells their experience, it will be very helpful, because all our worldview lies in our experiences.

Today's agenda has three axes: job, education and power. This agenda tells us that if you acquire knowledge and work (on them), you will acquire power. In Congress60, it is highly worth studying and acquiring knowledge. Many Congress60's members once had not a diploma and now they are doing an M.A. or Ph.D.; this is excellent. The guides must be careful, the treatment of addiction is first priority of the person; however, all the pupils must work, the only exception is when the person works from night to morning, in this case, the person must choose between their treatment and work. If the time of working is in the morning till afternoon, (the person must work, if the time of working is at night, for the sake of treatment, they should leave their job). It is not possible to work (at night), to acquire wealth and take revenge as soon as you feel better as you travel.

From the very beginning of Congress60's establishment, we emphasized on strengthening the monetary foundation. Power has three sides: money is very important and is very valuable, knowledge which has a very constructive role and expertise (in doing something).

Any organizations, families, countries which long for power must have knowledge, money and expertise. It is wrong to state that since we are spiritual people, money is not important for us.           You are not allowed to say whoever created us will feed us! Sometimes you have no other way, but in the normal situation, you have to work. The lord has shown us the way (of living) and we should know how to balance our life. You devote some of your money for the sake of the Lord, but do not expect that you get very wealthy because of this devotion. You should think very carefully. If we had not focused on the monetary issues, we would have faced many problems today! In al the cities, we have bought lands or rented buildings.

We have to have these three parameters. I have created knowledge for you and hand over this knowledge in all the possible ways. I have prepared the situation for you to acquire expertise, like guides' exam, being a marzban or dideban (watcher), sports camper. I did the same for (gathering) money. A mountain must be destroyed so that a valley could be filled. I weekly pay 1000000 Tomans (           about 300$) for buying lands. This is not a great amount of money; however, when these amounts of money are gathered together, they are able to do important things. We have to strengthen the monetary foundation of Congress60. Wherever you pay will not be paid to me or any other authorities including didebans (watchers) or marzbans (boder-guards). One may ask why we should pay money, because we need a building to work in. the cost of the treatment of each person in Congress60 is about 11000000 Tomans (about 3300$). We should help Congress60with our most possible strength.

We have bought or rented 50 branches for Congress60 without being helped by the government. We should be prepared to buy places every time needed. Our last bond with the government is the Academy branch which belongs to Counter Narcotics Headquarter. We have bought or rented other places. We need more and more money (for this purpose). Now, we have 20 branches in Tehran and we need more branches here, because our work is very broad. With your help, we have done it very well. Even if you pay very little money, it is invaluable, because it can provide money for the costs of tea, sugarloaf and Xerox and etc. The little amounts you pay can provide our current costs without needing others to help us.

 The monetary legions provide money for buying lands. The extra money collected in Ramadan is 500000000 Tomans (147000 $), and this was paid into Cogress60's account for land. Eid Fitr bounties were less than expected, a great branch like Mashhad had paid 480000 Tomans which was less than a small branch like Kermanshah. I have declared that all the branches which are in governmental buildings are required to buy or rent a building within six months. we have to be independent from government and we should not add a burden on the government.

Thank you for listening to my speech.

Translated by Elahe

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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