A Private Educatinal Workshop by Mr. Salami
7/29/2017 12:00:00 AM

A Private Educatinal Workshop by Mr. Salami

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It is necessary for all the members to observe the rules even if they are not pleasant for them.

The third session of the 19th round of private workshops of Congress60 was held at 5:00 by Mr. Salami (Congress60’s watcher) as the guest speaker, Mr. Hooman as the master of ceremony and Mr. Amir as the secretary.  The weekly agenda was "Sanctity, why aren’t working, financial, and family relationships allowed in Congress60?"

Summary of Mr. Salami’s words:

I am delighted to be at your service here in Louis Pasteur branch. Sanctity of Congress60 was one of the important and key subjects on which Mr. Dezhakam focused from the beginning of Congress60. He wrote it and it is read twice in each session- in the beginning and the end of the sessions- for its great importance.

If there was not the sanctity, we would face many problems. In the beginning of Congress60, we had some problems, for example, the members had working relationships or they paid or received money, so they landed us in trouble and many of our friends left Congress60 because of disregarding the sanctity.

Congress60 will be a holy and safe place if we obey its rules and principles.

Most of the people who attend Congress60’s legions understand that there are some rules in Congress60 which have to be observed. Every place or country has rules which must be obeyed by the members entering there and this is the same in Congress60. It is necessary for all the members to observe the rules even if they are not pleasant for them. Certainly, some events had happened that Mr Dezhakam decided to write the sanctity and I explain the rules one by one.

Lying is a misdeed in all religions.

Reproaching is not allowed; in order to reproach we have to blab and this is in contrast to peace and tranquility in Congress60.

 Interrupting the speech of each other is not allowed because of respecting to positions. Using offensive words, starting to speak without permission and political discussion are forbidden. We attend meetings at which government officials are present. Based on their view, Congress60 has being progressed so fast just because of not involving in political issues. Congress60 is a remedial center, we are here just for addiction treatment, so we don't have any political discussion in remedial center. Older and greater groups in our country had to stop their activities just because they got involved in such issues.

Paying or receiving money without informing authorities is not allowed otherwise, Congress60 will assume no responsibility.


In Congress60, giving and receiving telephone numbers is not allowed. Out of Congress60 system, having any relationships among members (whether during their treatment or after that) is not recommended.  A pupil is not allowed to call up his guide out of Congress60 system.  Moreover nobody is allowed to socialize with other members.

It is natural that nearly all the members have memorized the sanctity of Congress60 because it is read twice in every session and obeying the sanctity is a base for posterity. If you respect the sanctity, you will remain in Congress60 forever and this is the secret of the permanence of Congress60.

Mr. Salami added:

All members must attend the branches at 5:00 and I ask co-guides to take this point into consideration. Attending the workshops is very important. I will give the second part of my lecture at the end of the session because more members will come then. Now it is necessary to talk about some subjects about your branch. One of my duties is inspecting Tehran branches and preparing reports for Master Dezhakam and Congress of watchers. About air conditioner Mr. Dezhakam warned not to make him forbid using air conditioner. We had some branches which had to convene in parks for one year. Your place is far better than Academy branch. We are not here to complain, we must thank for these facilities and must tolerate some conditions. It is not necessary for you to collect money for buying an air conditioner. Even if you have money, you must pay your debts of branch to Congress60.  Your mortgage borrowing is a loan from other branches. We take care of your money carefully and we preserve your benefits and rights. We held the workshops in Taleghani Park under the hot sun while we have paid a lot to rent this place today.  We collected money to hold birthday ceremony and to buy a cake in Congress60 in 2000. Those who always nag may have not seen Congress60’s hardships.

Another problem is our disturbance to our neighbors. Do not disturb the neighbors by constantly going out and coming in the branch. After some time, the neighbors will know you better. Do not go out of the building to smoke and remember that the smoking room is not a hangout. Do not destroy the branch just for smoking. When you go out of the branch, behave in a way that neighbors feel satisfied for our attendance. Neighbors' views have changed about us in some branches and this has happened just because of the members' proper behavior.

All members must obey the rules and Mr. Dezhakam himself respects the sanctity and the rules of Congress60. Every position has its special rules which must be regarded by everyone. Co-guides are communicative bridges between pupils and Guards (Marzbans), so co-guides should try to explain the rules to pupils.  The pupils are authorized by co-guides because the rules which are dictated by them are beneficial to the pupils and this is as decency. Decency always results in goodness.

Prepared by: traveler Hamid

Translated by: Companion Banafshe

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