Then why?
6/10/2017 12:00:00 AM

Then why?

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Finding the answer of this question (so what?) helps us to get our aim.

Hello I am  Samira the companion of Mohammad.

I congratulate all on this month u, I wish your worship will be accepted by God.

About agenda of "So why?",  I think it is better to ask ourselves "so why?" I do this for what? What is my aim for doing this work? For all work, we must have an aim. The best aim for all human is to achieve the evolution.

Phrase of "so why?" helps us think about the aim and after that do the work. Maybe the aim isn’t positive and it is negative, it isn’t important for us, first having an aim is so important.

The first time that I saw this agenda, I wrote it down and put it in somewhere that I could see all time in the day.

When  my husband and I have an argument, we see this phrase and ask ourselves "really for what we argue?" and usually the argument finishes because of this phrase.

If always we asked this phrase of ourselves, maybe we would not say something and we would not do something.

The companions ask themselves "so why should I tolerance my husband?" or "so why did I come to Congress60?" and after we answer, after coming to Congress60, we got lots of information and felt love in ourselves.

Imam Ali says:" if you do not  get the opportunity, its becomes a grief."

If you focus on the old people, you understand they had aims and they speak with much pleasure now.

If we like our aim, we will achieve it.

"so why?"

This question can be good and can be bad and it is different from one person to another and it is directly related to the wisdom of person. Therefore, we realize that  the answer of this question help us to achieve  what we want.

Written by companion Samira

Translated by companion Mahshid


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Topic : Public
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