Cigarettes (Nicotine) Treatment
6/6/2017 12:00:00 AM

Cigarettes (Nicotine) Treatment

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Treating cigarettes is one of Congress60's gratifications. Today, in Congress60, smoking cigarettes is considered as an undisciplined manner.

The fourth session of 59th  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on 31 May, 2017 at 11 a.m., this meeting was held by Mr. Amin as the master of ceremony and Mrs. Zahra as the secretary and the weekly agenda was " Cigarettes (Nicotine) Treatment".

Mr. Amin: I congratulate all on Ramadan. Hope we can achieve good results in this month. I hope we can get good senses through this month and experience a more peaceful life. Addiction treatment was established in Ramadan and many extraordinary results came out of that. Fasting can cure many diseases. Those who are healthy can fast completely  (for 100 percent); however, it is not obligatory for ill people to fast. These people can fast to the extent they can (for some per cents). First travelers must do the same. We can start fasting from a low degree and increase our self-confidence during time so that in the next years we will be able to fast completely. In this way, the diseases will get fine. Fasting for a few hours also is enjoyable.

Fasting is for all the religions, however, the complete version of that exists in Islam. The Islamic version is more difficult and more fruitful and effective. Scientists also have shown its effectiveness. This might be a point of departure in future how a divine source (the holy Quran) could clear a route to cure many diseases. We may have reached a treasure one of whose instructions has led to the treatment of many diseases.

The second miracle happened in Congress60, when Master Dezhakam was smoking cigarettes and smoking cigarettes was considered something valuable. We wrongly imagined that a person who had been liberated from addiction used to smoke cigarettes, because  their X-system has been treated well. We thought that smoking cigarettes was a sign of well-being. This was interesting to us; however, others considered it strange. This resulted in Master Dezhakam's heart attack and eventually it led to the discovery of DST method for cigarettes smoking. When amster Dezhakam was discharged from hospital, one hour later, he asked us to bring his cigarettes and we were shocked and worried. But, we realized that he meant he wanted his nicotine gum. He never told us to bring his gum, but his cigarettes, because he always considered the gum as edible cigarettes. I myself was smoking cigarettes too and in 2015, I had a nicotine travel and I got liberated from nicotine. The DST method was completed by nicotine treatment, nicotine treatment becomes a bridge to link with the foreign researchers to come and study on cigarettes treatment. Then, they published their findings in the journal of Alcoholics Anonymous in the United States. In the aftermath of this event, they become acquainted with Congress60. It is interesting that the nicotine (cigarettes) treatment, which has been discovered after addiction treatment, made the researchers come and know us.


Master Dezhakam: I hope you are all fine. In the fasting month, when I am speaking, I suddenly forget my words, that is why I am not going to have speeches in Ramadan. This week's agenda is "cigarettes". We are in the global week of cigarettes. I am gratified to have a heart attack and the physicians declared that it was the result of cigarettes smoking and it was the departure point to treat cigarettes. Not only do we use the DST method in curing addiction, but also we use it in our projects. We did not force the guides and marzbans (guards) to quit their cigarettes suddenly; however, this happened over two or three years. If wanted to do that (to ask them to quit cigarettes suddenly) on the first day, we definitely would lose the game. Now, we can conclude that the DST method is to be used not only for addiction treatment but also for all the matters of life. We have to be patient, remember that we will never die, we are immortal. You should plan for your life on the basis of this truth that you are immortal. Otherwise, you will never take a step in your life. For the earthy life, plan in a way that you are immortal, and for the other world, plan in a way that you will die a moment later.

Sometimes you hurry to do something in three months; however, it needs three years to be done. Today, one of Congress60's gratifications is that smoking cigarettes has become an anti-value action. Thank God and fortunately, after treating cigarettes in Congress60, the number of heart attacks has decreased. Before cigarettes project, we had one or two heart attacks annually; however, this has significantly decreased today. The DST method prevented the increasing death toll in Congress60. The world-view on the other hand saved a lot of families from breakdown. Treating cigarettes is one of Congress60's gratifications. Today, in Congress60, smoking cigarettes is considered as an undisciplined manner.

Another important point is "world-view". Everything is related to our world-view. By working on world-view, we are following two goals: a) an educational goal and b) amusing people. When Congress60's members go to Taleqani park on Fridays, they follow to goals: they enjoy and they are amused, therefore, they do not do futile actions. If you do not amuse people, they will amuse you! We have analysed the issues and we are more experienced than you.

The educational CDs also follow two goals. Thank God, the educational CDs have united the Congress60' (branches). Sometimes, we see that branches like Shiraz, Tabriz or Ahvaz are more knowledgeable than the Academy branch. The educational CDs are increasing members' knowledge. We have to thank those who are serving in preparation of CDs. The educational CDs are teaching world-view to the members and now they have a peaceful life. With the educations, all the members including the travelers and  the companions respect their guides. The concluding point is that the educational CDs are very important to us. If we had not these CDs, we would not have such a position today. If we had not these CDs, we could not have 100 people liberated from addiction weekly. If we had not these CDs, we would not have such a courtesy among members. Outside Congress60, people are generally aggressive, because they are not educated. The educational CDs make peace in Congress60, they increase members' knowledge and teach them how to live.

Another point is writing the CDs. You have to train your pupils in a way that they weekly write a Cd. Firstly, the guide must write the CDs, so that they can ask their pupils to write CDs. If a guide thinks that I do not need to write CDs, he becomes proud of themselves and they cannot learn more (because being proud prevents learning), and they will fall down for sure (they lose their position).  

CD writing follows two goals: learning and amusing. Because, in the first travel, they are entertained by their cell phones and virtual world. When they start writing the CDs, they will not leave home, they are disconnected from their friends and they become literate. Their intelligence and authorship are reinforced and their lost memories will return to them. When they write CDs in the first travel, they pause the CD for each word, however after a while, they can memorize a sentence and write it down. This will help their memory and intelligence.

The guides must want their pupils to write the CDs on spring clean 200-page notebooks. After your death, they will benefit your children.

Saturday and Sunday, Congress60 is not closed. Only on Monday, if it is an official holiday, the companions will not attend Congress60.

Hope you have a good Iftar.

 Translated by Elahe



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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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