Inspiration from Ramadan
6/1/2017 12:00:00 AM

Inspiration from Ramadan

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Our body system needs fuel and the other important thing is that our body is capable of self-reconstruction. The body organs are not immortal, they are a piece of meat and a piece of meat cannot live for 70 years.

The second session of 59th  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on 17 May, 2017 at 11 a.m., this meeting was held by Mr. Dezhakam as the master and Mrs. Zahra as the secretary and the weekly agenda was "Inspiration from Ramadan."

The monetary legion must pay 5000000 Tomans ($1600) annually and they must introduce a new member to the monetary legion. Hope you are all fine and I am fine too. Today is Wednesday, 17 May, 2017 and the agenda is "Inspiration from Ramadan". In Congress60, Ramadan has a different sense. Fasting in Congress60 is of our principles. In this month, the members become closer together and more intimate. When they eat their meal together, they become closer.

I am not investigating Ramadan from religious viewpoint; however, the important point is that praying and fasting are not futile. None of the religious performances in Islam is futile. They are not either for receiving rewards from the Lord. The rewards are to encourage people, but this is not the whole story, something is hidden in it.

We see our body as a mass of meat and bones. However, we have a hundred billion neurons in our brain, this number is several times more than the number of people on the world. In our body system, we have different factories like liver which acts like a refinery. It is larger and  more complicated than Tehran's refinery. Our body system needs fuel and the other important thing is that our body is capable of self-reconstruction. The body organs are not immortal, they are a piece of meat and a piece of meat cannot live for 70 years. Our tongue is not able to live for a year. Each year this piece of meat must be reconstructed, because during a year it has millions of hits with the teeth and it is hurt. The heart is reconstructed every year. Every 11 months, the body cells change. to reconstruct our body, we are in need of raw materials including iron, Zinc, copper, magnesium and potassium. When body is reconstructing itself, it needs potassium and when the body lacks potassium; the body will encounter many problems. Loose skins and eyelid drooping are because of lack of potassium. Potassium sticks the skin to the bones.

Another point is drinking the liquids. Tea, coffee, and beverages are not included in the liquids. They are diuretic meaning that when you drink a cup of tea, it will consume a glass of water to urinate. In other words, they ruin water of the body. In many cities of Iran like Yazd, people use as peppermint or Citrus aurantium extracts. They take a glass and pour some ice and grapes extract in it and then add Citrus aurantium extract. This is the best beverage that you can drink in the summer. The mixture of grapes and vinegar were widely used in the past. Grapes extract is very strengthening and when you add vinegar, it changes to the most delicious beverage of the world!

If the raw materials do not enter body, we will face many diseases. Cataracts are made because of lack of a substance in the body. Lavash and Berber (two types of bread) and baguette have no benefits to the body, because they are wholly starch and they have no bran.

We need all types of vitamins to reconstruct our body. You cannot say they are expensive! Is a melon more expensive than being hospitalized in a hospital? You should use vegetables like Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and cabbage. Do not eat pasta all the time it is totally made up of starch. We have the best, most delicious, complete and most strengthening foods but they are going to extinguish. Fesenjan and Qurme sabzi (a herb stew) are replaced with lasagna.

When we enter fuel to our body, many poisons are removed from the body. Stomach is like a pot in which the food is cooked and digested and sent to the the small and large intestines. Vitamins are absorbed from the walls of  intestines and sent to the body organs. The pot of stomach must be somehow empty. When you fast [in Ramadan], your life-span will increase, because fasting lets the deadly substances, urea, lipids and extra substances will be thrown away from the body. When you eat food, a part of food is absorbed to the body and a part will be saved in the body. This is like preserving the remaining food in the refrigerator for a year. This month (Ramadan) is an opportunity to let the remaining stuff go out of the body. Fasting makes us fresh and we are not talking about it from a religious viewpoint. Although the religious and spiritual points matter to us, we are emphasizing it for our health and well-being.

A new-comer in Congress60 is not expected to fast. However, we all know that DST method is based on the Ramadan's pattern (because Master Dezhakam has invented DST when he fasted in Ramadan and consumed regular amount of opium in regular times). God has let the patients not fast in Ramadan, on this basis, the first-travelers should eat their OT (Opium Tincture) at noon. If a traveler wants to omit this meal, they will encounter many problems. Doing so will disturb their travel and result in lengthening the duration of their travel. You have worked out to the final stage; do not damage it with avoiding eating OT at noon. Because fasting is aimed at reconstruction of body [with avoid eating your noon OT meal, your body will not be reconstructed].

I am the master of those who do not fast! Fasting is a matter of percentage, one can fast for 100% (completely), another person may fast for 50% and one is able to fast for 10% (for two hours). If a person is smoking 40 cigarettes a day, they can fast and simultaneously smoke cigarettes. A person may need four glasses of water daily, they can fast and at the same time, they can drink their needed water. Those who are not able to fast should practice not eating for one or two hours or fast from noon to night. Dare to do that. Fasting results in training your "Self". If a person cannot avoid eating for ten minutes, they are not able to train their "Self". Do not ask your friends whether they are fasting or not. Do not pretend to break fast.

Our Iftar (fatoor) in Congress60 is not glorious, they are simple foods like beans, lentil rice and bread and cheese. No one in Congress60 is allowed to say that tonight I will bring food for all. You should pay the money and marzbans (guards) will provide food. In Congress60, we do not buy food from outside, people in here themselves should cook the food. Do not squander food: do not cook for 900 people, while you only have 450 members in a branch.

When you do something, you have to have extra goodness meaning that when you pay money to prepare food for Ramadan, you have to save some money to buy lands for Congress60's branches. You are not allowed to bring outside chefs to cook food. Find the chefs from Congress60's members; even if the prepared food is not good, all the members will eat it with pleasure. If you want to bring rice or oil for Iftar, bring the best things. And do not waste the materials.

Thank you all for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe




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