Physicians' Legion, May 15, 2017
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Physicians' Legion, May 15, 2017

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The distinction drawn between human and any other complicated machine like robot is in processing. Information is given to a robot and processes it according to the instructions given to it. We are not so much like robots.

The first session of the twelfth round of physicians legion was held by Master Dezhakam as the master of the ceremony, Dr. Majid as the secretary and Dr. Masoud as the guest speaker with the agenda “inspiration from Ramadan” and the CD “processing” in Taleqani Park on 15 May, 2017 at 8 a.m.

Dr. Masoud:

Ramadan was a turning point at which Master Dezhakam innovated the DST Method while decided to fast and used opium simultaneously. He wondered: the Lord will accept my fast. Being inspired by Ramadan, he could gradually arrange his drug consumption into 3 times a day, 2 times a day and ultimately one time a day. After the adaptation of his body to the small amount of drug, and after 10-11 month, he could be liberated from addiction.

As we know, Fasting is not just for Muslims but for all religions like Hindu and Jewish people. Ramadan is the month of revelation of Quran in which DST method was discovered by Master Dezhakam. He strongly believes in this month and I know that in Ramadan nights dinner is served by Master Dezhakam.

Why did Master Dezhakam come to this conclusion? Because the founder of this method observes everything from 3 views: physical, mental and worldview. Body rests during this month; we stem our “selves” in order to overcome a problem; we don’t drink until the moment of promise. All these cases make individuals delighted. Rumi says: when people make a mistake, they regret; because of their free will to or not to make the mistake.

 Regarding the worldview features of Ramadan, Master Dezhakam believes that people should have an insight and thought to know how to follow the commands and principles.

He even advises the first-travelers no to fast completely (from dawn to sunset) but to use their dosage of OT at certain time; because they have a holier goal (liberation from addiction) than fasting. The Lord doesn’t need our fast, thirst and hunger but if we can be cured in this way and help others to be cured, it will be holier and more important.

In the CD “Processing” there are two interesting points: first, we hear about intelligent robot or artificial intelligence that is a wrong common term. We as human beings are intelligent and robots have no thoughts.

The distinction drawn between human and any other complicated machine like robot is in processing. Information is given to a robot and processes it according to the instructions given to it. We are not so much like robots. We can react differently to actions and process in a surprising way hence incomparable with robots.

A robot cannot solve its problems since it doesn’t understand what they are; however, we understand them based on a triangle including three sides of body, psyche and worldview.

We know what body is. Master Dezhakam mentions that psyche is related to our character which cannot be changed by medicine. We may reduce the symptoms and not achieve the certain cure. It is my worldview that makes me depressed and changes my character.

We know that there is cooperation between Congress60 and the Research Center of Tehran Medical University in the field of some diseases like MS and Colitis in order to observe the influence of DST Method on our body, psyche and more importantly our worldview. Can worldview help me to solve my problems; or I should expect others to help me?

It is a sign of decadence for a footballer who gets 4 billion tomans for a season and takes refuge in wizards and miracle. As Master Dezhakam says in the CD, we should abstain from superstitions and cure ourselves.

We ask the Lord, His creatures, positive forces and universe for help but we ourselves must solve our problems. This is the distinction between us and other creatures. That’s why we as human beings are the noblest of creatures.

 This free will has been handed over by humans and highly depends on how we use it.

Dr. Fereshta:

Considering the meaning of Ramadan and its conditions make us enjoy and feel pleased. We have eaten everything we could for 11 months and now it is time to clear our body of bad humors. Ramadan tells us to create discipline in ourselves. The joy of eating increases during the clean-up process.

Dr. Neda:

Holy Quran has been revealed in Ramadan for the guidance of human beings. Regarding the discipline and order in Ramadan, DST Method has also been inspired by Ramadan because OT should be taken in certain times of the day.

Dr. Atousa:

Ramadan is of much significance to us as members of Congress60. As Muslims we have certain duties which prevent us from eating, drinking and some other jobs. These help us train our “selves” to be more self-confident.

Moreover, members in all branches of Congress60 provide food and serve dinner which is an attractive cooperation.

Dr. Shiva:

Ramadan is one of the best and blessed months for Master Dezhakam since he achieved DST Method by which he could be cured.

As Master Dezhakam mentioned, addicts should not take all the three dosages all at once but three times a day and also they are not allowed to fast completely. Since they need the medicine (OT) so as not to have any craving for drugs, we cannot let them not use OT.

Dr. Behnam:

A question may be posed for us as to why we mustn’t drink water for 16 hours. I myself have no definite response and I think it is not so important. What we want to achieve is something different.

Those who have experienced fasting have found differences between their mental and willing at the beginning and end of the month. They say no to the jobs they can do but must not.

Addicts cannot simply say no. Thus they can reinforce the skill of saying no which is of the most useful consequences of Ramadan. Furthermore, it can make us enjoy the joy of daily activities. In other words, it can refresh our body. Just like a fish which doesn’t know what water is when it is swimming in water.  

Dr. Rouhallah:

The major means for addiction is the worldview which is hardly paid attention to in the clinics. As a result, in practice there is no difference in their views and thoughts. Master Dezhakam has been emphasizing the worldview that has a significant influence on the individuals in order to deal with the conditions of their cure.

An addict must devote time to gain her/his aim, s/he must tolerate difficult conditions, and when s/he finally achieves the goal, s/he is persuaded to continue the way.

Dr. Mohsen:

Fasting is seen in all divine religions and cultures; however, there are some differences.

Fasting causes the reinforcement of one’s determination. Those who are at the beginning of the path may postpone their OT consumption.

Dr. Samad:

Congress60 is a place for treatment of addiction. What happened in Ramadan which inspired us? It may be difficult for people not to eat, not to gossip, not to do anti-values and so on at the beginning of Ramadan but they will be so powerful at the end of the month that the can simply avoid eating and drinking. If people follow the rules of Ramadan, they will become self-made individuals having enormous capacity.

In addiction treatment, body, psyche and worldview should get balanced during 11 months accompanied by instructions and under the supervision of a guide in order to make the city (body) disciplined. This practice continues during Ramadan until peace will be acquired.

Master Dezhakam:

I thank the guest speaker for listening to the two CDs. We want to make pattern of Ramadan.  Ramadan is a means, not an end, which help you reach to a determined point

We are not going to talk about the religious sides of Ramadan because we are not religious specialists. All of us have a conception of Ramadan about which we can talk without any introduction. But it is not our goal.

All of us come here on Fridays to talk about the agenda. All the words except one or two were repetitive and dull which make you bored. The guest speaker is a coordinator who speaks for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards the goal is that other members must instruct, get instruction, talk about their experiences.

We had no programs at the very beginning of Congress60. I fasted when we were in Enqelab Square (the first building of Congress60) in 1378 (2000). At dinner time I asked other members (25 people)  to eat dinner with each other.

Therefore we went Dutch to buy some bowls of soup. Afterwards we found that this eating together had made us more intimate and closer to each other. Even there were some members who didn’t fast but ate dinner with us.

Sometimes we didn’t have enough money to prepare enough food. We enjoyed the situation. Some of them said: we take opium (because there were no OT at that time) now, we are in the first travel. I told them to take your dosage and little food. And so it went. Today each branch of Congress60 tries to prepare dinner for its own members during 30 days of the month. This dinner has to be made in the branch and is not ceremonial but simple like: soup, hash and so on.

There are many people who cannot eat various food during the year but they can use them in this month. All the expenses are provided by the members. Moreover, 3-13 million tomans is left at the end of the months. In fact Ramadan is not just a religious movement for us but all members in Congress60 get amused.

It is said that you must amuse your “self” if not it will amuse you. All the members like to work in the kitchen; one gives money, one brings rice, some beg us to help make rice or to wash the dishes; and some are responsible for distributing food.

Great work is done in Congress60 in Ramadan. DST is a kind of fasting: fasting of not using drugs; because the traveler should use his/her dosages at 6 a.m., 3 p.m. and 10 p.m. There are different kinds of fasting including silence fasting, vegetarian fasting, and so on. When you fast, you can eat whatever you want at dawn and sunset; whereas you must use certain dosages in the morning, afternoon and at night.

To addicts, fating is like a monster. An addict who uses heroine all day long, smokes 2 packets of cigarette or uses opium extract is not interested in fasting at all; s/he hates it; how do you want to manage her/him.

Therefore we tell them to both fast and use their dosages. If not the majority of them will ruin their travel in Ramadan.

 There are different people having different beliefs. I say to those who are prejudiced, “I am not the venerable old man of those who fast completely but of those who don’t fast.

Some of the travelers say: we want to fast completely and not to use any dosage of OT. So they omit their noon dosage spontaneously and ruin their travel, as a result.

We told those who smoked to fast and simultaneously smoke while you have decreased the number of cigarettes, e.g. 36 cigarettes instead of 40 ones.

Someone says that he has kidney ache and his doctor has advised him to drink much water. I tell him to fast and also drink 4 glasses of water that is better than not fasting at all. Congress60 doesn’t see everything either black or white.

As you may have some materials in your refrigerators, for example, a little sauce, some butter left from six months ago, or different kinds of food which have been stored in the fridge, there are some fat and useless substances stored in our body which should be thrown out in Ramadan.

Thus in Congress60 fasting is attributed as a lever and a means to make some humans reconciled with the Lord and others.

You can never serve dinner every night, but in all the branches of Congress60 this occurs. It is beneficial for us because T the end of Ramadan 100, 200 or 300 tomans is left that is of great importance for us.

During Ramadan, I suspend all my tasks, even the physicians’ legion and my other classes are stopped; and I am busy cooking. I beg you to listen to the CDs because you are supposed to talk about them. There is some general knowledge which are known by all people; however, they are not enough for you. You need to figure out the origin of the issue.

Physicians' Roll-Calling


Pictorial Report of Physicians' Technical Sessions

Prepared by: Ali Reza Nik Ravesh

Translated by: Marjan

May 28, 2017

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