Physician Legion November 26, 2016
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Physician Legion November 26, 2016

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When a doctor asks an addict: why did you use drug again? He might answer that "you have not been an addict and you have not ever used drugs

The sixth session of the physicians' legion was held on 26 November 2016 at 8 a.m. It was held under the supervision of Master Dezhakam. Mr. Mohsen was the master of the ceremony and Ms. Ghazal acted as the secretary. The agenda was "the relationship between learning and staging a public spectacle."

Mr. Mohsen: Today's agenda is the relationship between staging spectacle and nagging and learning. In the beginning of this CD, Master Dezhakam mentioned that the bad residents of a the prosperous lands will destroy these places. In contrast, good residents of the ruined lands can rebuild their land. As all of you know, one of the bases of addiction treatment in Congress60 is the worldview. Worldview refers to changing one's attitudes (towards everything in the world) and improving his/her thinking style.  Talking about rebuilding the ruined structure reminds me of curing addiction when  an addict gradually changes his/her attitudes, thinking style and ideology, s/he can rebuild his/her structures much stronger than before. Therefore, s/he can be an epitome of a balanced person for his/her community.   

Learning and staging a spectacle have different stages. A person should go through these stages so that either learn something or stage a spectacle. The trend of these two items is the opposite. The person who goes towards staging spectacle, has egoism and selfishness and eventually s/he will fall behind others. S/he faces a dilemma: one to return and correct him/herself or continue his/her wrong way and sink (in the dark). When s/he continues his/her wrong way, s/he tries to present him/herself innocent and others guilty. Then tries to draw the attention of other people to come and help him/her. He/she will be the ultimate victim. On the other hand, we have "learning" that distinguishes the learner from other people. The learner tries to communicate with others and go ahead of them. Then s/he becomes a resourceful director (for his/her plan).  

One of the reasons why the legions were established in Congress60 was that the legions prevent staging the spectacle. Educational CDs are taught in the legions and when the pupils learn these points, they will avoid staging the spectacle. Because staging the spectacle and learning are on the opposite sides, as one enters, the other goes away. If our thoughts are not controlled by education and our practice, if the mistakes are not corrected, our prosperous structures go to death. The process of destruction happens very slowly and we might not be aware of that. But suddenly we may encounter a destroyed building (our body construction)

Master Dezhakam asserts that the Straight Path is a very wide path in which all the people can move and reach the destination. The second important thing is fear of future which can destroy all the aspects of humanity including love, daily affairs  and your movement.

Dr. Fereshte: Some people are destroying their own life and it is very difficult to drive them to the right path. When we want to destroy a building, we can do it within two or three days. While if we want to rebuild a structure, it will take six months to a year. In the process of creation, all human beings are willing to learn, however, staging spectacle is more attractive to them. If a person falls behind learning, s/he will start staging spectacle. We should remember that we are born to learn.

 Dr. Bahram: There is a saying reading that if you want to promote the world, try to be at the service of people. We are here to learn and develop. If we resist learning, we will be trapped in staging spectacle and far from the Straight Path.

 Dr. Mehran: I have understood that the addicts have received wrong instructions that is why they have been trapped in addiction. I tell my clients that you are worth having a good life, and this good life will start with learning and avoiding staging spectacle.

 Dr. Behnam: This agenda refers to the main factor in human beings' ignorance. Ignorance is the opposite side of thinking. One of the dilemmas in the addict's life is that s/he does not accept his/her failures and accuses others as guilty. However, s/he must accept his/her own faults so that s/he can enter the process of treatment. Victory and loss are the sides of the same coin.

Dr. Masoud: When I was young, I started smoking cigarettes and I tried to justify my fault. I thought that cigarettes have nicotine and energy. I thought it can never harm an athlete. If I did not stage a spectacle, my championship could last many more years however. In addition, I thought that  drinking a gram of alcohol is necessary for per kilo of the body. On the basis of this justification, I drank a lot of alcohol.

If I did not lose my life, today I could not sit beside Master Dezhakam and speak of my experience. When I am in the master position in Congress60, I think I have started a travel from my anti-values towards the values. I am so happy that I have received the flower of redemption from addiction. I am so happy that I have experienced those bad days so that I can understand the value of current happy and calm days.

 Dr. Arash: I am have been in Congress60 for five years and attended this agenda. I think the instructions have been placed in my mind over time. Before entering Congress60, I was familiar with staging spectacle, but I did not understand that. However, as time went on, I realized what it was. Drug-users are involved in staging spectacle. There is a direct relationship between learning and staging spectacle. The lesser the information, the higher the staging will be.


Master Dezhakam: One friend of mine once told us that I had just a withdrawal and I felt a sense of hangover. I asked my wife what the food is. And she answered: "beans". I threw the pot out and said: "you are not valuable enough so that I quit my addiction!" I have quitted my addiction and you have to provide me superfoods. I left the house and started smoking heroin. This process is called "staging spectacle". It is impossible that we have not staged spectacles in our life. We have been  born staging spectacle!

When a doctor asks an addict: why did you use drug again? He might answer that "you have not been an addict and you have not ever used drugs. You do not understand what hangover means" This is a type of staging spectacle. When individuals cannot  logically  justify their behaviours, they stage spectacle. A policeman may ask a person: "why didn't you obey the driving rules?" he might answer: "do you know me? I am the prosecutor?" tell me what is  the relationship between these two concepts: "disobeying the rules and being a prosecutor". A man might ask her wife: "why this food is salty?" and his wife may answer: your mother and aunt are not able to cook!" Staging a spectacle means that you start telling a story when you are required to explain why your duty has been done wrong. In political issues either we have this phenomenon. When we cross over a glass of water and it falls down, we may ask who has put this glass here. We exculpate ourselves and put others in charge of wrongs, exactly like children as they are playing; they disrupt the game when they see they are losing it.


Translated by Elahe


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