Congress60' help to me and my services in return
12/29/2016 12:00:00 AM

Congress60' help to me and my services in return

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If I don't love myself, I can't love others. If I don't help myself , I can't help others and in one word Congress60 makes my life better.

Nowadays, the whole world has been besieged against the disease of addiction. Since the scholars could not cure it, it is called a mysterious, irremediable and continuous disease. In the world, those who take  drugs like methadone continually are not considered as  addict and addiction therapists are proud that they could cut taking drugs like heroin or cocaine which are crime.  Addicts should take methadone syrup forever while everyone knows that methadone destruction is more than other drugs, but Congress60' method performs its treatment completely different from others.

Congress60 in addiction field sits atop in the world of addiction treatment. Congress60 has a firm belief that addiction has a certain remedy and thousands of addicts who were taking drugs have been treated and today have good lives. They are the live documents. Congress60 replaces drugs with natural body materials so those who are getting cured in Congress60 have never needed drugs or the outer preservative materials.

But Congress60 is not limited only to this and with an exact program it works on three sides of physical body, psych and worldview. Psychological side is treated in accordance with the reconstruction of the object. During the period of treatment, a consumer achieves a relative balance by attending the public classes in Congress60, sport fields, contributions and talking about traveling and the most important thing, working in Congress60.

But the great act which for the first time is done by Congress60 is paying attention to the worldview (education aspect). The missing side of addiction that hadn't been discovered before and unfortunately 90 percent of retaking drug is due to this side  is an incorrect understanding of the inner and outer world. Congress60 teaches me  how to know myself and also shows my hidden and familiar parts to me and I learn all of my inner mechanisms in Congress60 too. Congress60 has given me a nice character and my title became a traveler instead of a consumer. I traveled in Congress60, a travel toward perfection.

Congress60 is teaching me  how to get energy positively also I  am understanding that people complete together and getting energy happens when we are gathering together, working ,learning and teaching others  for free. I was taught in Congress60 that drug's energy is myth (because drug by itself has not any energy, it makes our body give out and lose its energy). And  it just destroys me but in Congress60 the quality of treatment is prior. Perfect energy which I get in Congress60 moves me toward a nice life. Congress60 has high levels of good energy,  in both quality and quantity.

Congress60 teaches me how to behave righteously with others and myself. I have learned in Congress60 how to  overcome fear, hopelessness, anger, jealousy, disgust and other negative feelings also Congress60, I changed these structures by patience, pardon, contentment and other positive acts. I am learning in Congress60 when a society is right that all people are right and I have learned to love myself. In Congress60, reaching the fourteenth valley is my target. If I don't love myself, I can't love others. If I don't help myself , I can't help others and in one word Congress60 makes my life better. Therefore, attendance at Congress60 is important. And I should appreciate the services that Congress60 gives to me. In return to these services, am I in Congress60's service?

Mr. Dezhakam, the founder of Congress60, have announced  many times that account of all people with Congress60 is zero. It means nobody is creditor or debtor in Congress60, thus if we are at Congress60 service, in fact we are helping ourselves. This makes our feelings and physiology better. The best service for the first travel is a good travel. If someone is a real obedient, s/he has done the most important service to Congress60 and him/herself. Fortunately, there are various positions (to help others) in Congress60 which after the first travel everyone can select some of them.

Translated by  Companion Shirin

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Topic : Articles
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