Communications of Hossein and Bill
12/26/2016 12:00:00 AM

Communications of Hossein and Bill

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Topic : Communications of Hossein and Bill
I am continuing to work with some other researchers here in the U.S. on various aspects of addiction recovery.

Dear Hossein,


        Rita and I are both feeling better after getting medicines from our physicians to fight the infection we have both experienced. 


        Thank you for taking some time to offer your reflections on some of the factors that have led to the remarkable growth of Congress 60.  While much of this success is rooted in the methods used in the treatment of addiction, it is also helpful to understand some of the other factors that have been so important such as the cultural values you note and the specific actions Congress 60 has taken to communicate with professionals and the public via your publications and presentations.  What you have shared has been very helpful in the development of my thinking about this and is much appreciated.


       I am continuing to work with some other researchers here in the U.S. on various aspects of addiction recovery.  One of my colleagues has recently collected data on the prevalence of addiction recovery and quality of life in recovery in the U.S.  I am looking forward to helping analyze and discuss this date.  I am also continuing to research the history of some of the other addiction recovery mutual aid groups in the U.S., including some of the newer secular and explicitly religious recovery support groups.  I find the diversity of these many recovery frameworks quite fascinating.  Many remain relatively small in terms of membership and number of groups, but they seem to each me meeting the needs of some individuals seeking recovery.


      This next two weeks we enter our major holiday season with many family gatherings.  Since Rita has such a large family in the area, we stay quite busy at this time and Alisha is going to be visiting in early January, which we are looking forward to.


        I wish you, your family, and all members of Congress 60 a most wonderful 2017.


Friends and Brothers Forever,



Dear Bill,
  I hope you are fine, I am well.
First things first, merry Christmas to you and Mrs. Rita and your family. I wish a very prosperous year for you all. And I hope that you will enjoy holidays and family gatherings.
I am absolutely agree with you that Congress 60’s success is rooted in the DST method of treatment, I am also agree that other factors play important roles as well. (Cultural activities, sports, publications, website, art, researches and etc.)
For instance: in a military parade variety of instruments are used, but the big drum (the DST method) plays a unique role in aligning the parade.
Thus what I am trying to say is that if it wasn’t for other recovery activities beside the DST method then we were not able to expand Congress 60.
Take the triangle of treatment for instance (body, psyche, and worldview) in this triangle the DST method takes care of the physiology part but the other angles (psyche, worldview) are rooted in prolonged recovery and those parameters that you mentioned and I will answer the rest after holidays.
Dear Bill, I am so eager to do a research on Congress 60. I welcome any type of related studies and if your colleagues are interested I would be more than happy to welcome them as well.
I was delighted when I read about your research on secular recovery societies. As you mentioned although these groups are limited in term of members yet they meet the needs of some individuals.
This was interested for me because we may implement comparison studies in future. Please do share your findings with me.
Dear Bill, I would like to share an experience of mine with you. Most of those who are being treated with OT or Methadone are confronted with constipation. I believe a great portion of ordinary people are having this problem because of consuming fast foods or frozen-foods and lack of exercises.  In treatment with OT because of gradual tapering this problem will be solved mostly but those who are receiving Methadone as a maintenance treatment are struggling with constipation continuously.
Accidentally I found-out if a spoon of my vinegar (which is 100 % pure and organic with no additives) is solved into a glass of Luke water and consumed half an hour after breakfast it can cure constipation and fatty liver. It can also prevent heart and brain strokes because of its potassium.
I enjoyed your friendship during previous year like years before it. It is an honor to be your friend. I wish for a prosperous year full of researches and studies to be useful for humanity in 2017.
    Friends and brothers on heaven and earth forever


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Topic : Communications of Hossein and Bill
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