physicians' legion  19 November 2016
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physicians' legion 19 November 2016

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Another point is that we have five external or worldly senses and we can realize the world through these senses and we have another five internal senses which appear when we are asleep

The sixth session of the physicians' legion was held on 19 November 2016 at 8 a.m. It was held under the supervision of Master Dezhakam. Dr. Mohammad was the master of the ceremony and Ms. Ghazal acted as the secretary. The agenda was "the fourth valley and its effect on me." 

Dr. Mohammad: Today's agenda is the fourth valley and its effect on me and we should think where we are heading for. Who is responsible for our daily works? How much do we know ourselves? How much do we know the Lord? Master Dezhakam has discussed this topic in more than three CDs. The first thing he discusses is that we have to know who is responsible for our activities. Is our wife, parents, officials or the Lord are responsible for our life?

 He concludes that the responsibilities are mutual meaning that both we and the Lord are responsible for our life. Both the traveler and his guide are responsible for the traveler's liberation of addiction. The Lord is accountable for what He creates and the creatures are responsible for what he does in front of the Lord. The Lord is responsible for giving food, water, oxygen and facilities.

We are responsible of our own life and if they covet for being traveler, they will travel well but if they do not have the desire, they will not be liberated from addiction. This valley tells us that we cannot be creditors to the Lord and say he must save us. The responsibility of our own life is ours.

Another point is that we have five external or worldly senses and we can realize the world through these senses and we have another five internal senses which appear when we are asleep. And we have an extra sense which is called the sixth sense which relates the internal and external senses together.

If we want to know the Lord, we have to realize our own existence. The soul, the body and self create human beings. What is SELF? It is a thing that creates everything internally and externally and is delivered when the creature dies. In human beings, we have three levels of self: sensual self, reproaching self and the sure self. The sensual self draws your attention to the wrong path. The highest level of self in animals (the sensual self) is the lowest degree of self in human beings. The reproaching self blames us whenever we commit a bad action. When we refine ourselves, we will enter the sure self.

Dr. Yousef: human beings have the authority to decide which path to go: the good and devil. If s/he chooses the right path, s/he will be successful in life, however, if s/he selects the bad way, s/he will be damaged. Therefore, in the worst situation, it is not possible to give over the responsibility to the Lord, we have to accept the responsibility of our own activities. 

Dr. Masood: Having responsibility is not unidirectional, it is mutual. God has done his part to make everything balanced, what is our responsibility to him? Do we know the value of the things He has bestowed upon us? He has delivered the authority to us so that we can select the right or the wrong path. Master Dezhakam has asserted that in the holy Quran,  it has been mentioned that every self will taste the death, and it was not said that every soul will taste the death. His interpretation that there are as many different ways as the number of human beings is exactly according to Quran.

The highest rank of self for animals is the sensual self which is the lowest degree of self in human beings. Human beings have the authority to do bad or good. According to Rumi, if we were not able to select the bad or good, why we feel ashamed as we do a bad thing? The fact is that we have harmed ourselves and today we understand which path is wrong and which is right. Those who enjoy strong conscience will sooner confess their faults and try to compensate for their failures.

Dr. Arash: I congratulate Master Dezhakam for publishing an article in an American journal. I am so happy that Congress60's message and knowledge have passed Iran's boarders and other people around the world have known this NGO. Some people handover their own responsibility to others, however as Master Dezhakam has stated, we cannot deliver our own responsibilities to the Lord, because  you are responsible for your own affairs. You cannot sign a cheque and expect other people to provide money for your cheque. We have to accept the responsibility of our work either good or bad. Congress60 has been successful in its work, and this success is due to the correct foundation that Master Dezhakam has laid on the first day.

 Dr. Atoosa: The fourteen valleys in Congress60 construct the foundation of Congress60 and its treatment. They begin with the first valley of thinking. In the second valley, we read that no creature comes into existence without purpose, none of us is insignificant even if we think of ourselves as that. In the third valley, we understand that we have to know that nobody thinks as much as human being for his real self. In the fourth valley, we realize that in crucial matters, leaving the responsibility to God means neglecting one's own responsibilities. In clinics, we have seen that the clients do not consider themselves as guilty. They think that other people are the cause of their addiction, but as they accept that they are all responsible of their own failures, they become open-minded and they realize what to do then. When we accept that we are guilty for all the bad events in our life, we will take an action to correct them.

Dr. Elham: When we read the valleys, we realised that we have to take the responsibility of our affairs. All problems are rooted in the fact that we are seeking for the solution in outside


Dr. Mohsen: This valley returned me to start with the first valley of thinking. I have to change my thinking style if I want to be successful



Dr. Mostafa: Taking the responsibility of our affairs is rooted in our wisdom. If we are defeated by our ignorance (fear, despair and egoism), the acceptence of these issues is difficult. If we apply the valleys in our life, we can gradually take the responsibility of our affairs



Dr. Mohammadali: Before coming to Congress60, I was trapped in my clients' questions: why aren't we successful in life? Why we do not achieve what we want, although we are in the right path? I could not answer these questions. I had the same questions in my mind. However, when I came here, I realised that the person him/herself is responsible for his life. I understood that if a person wants to be successful, s/he should make attempts and try to get the best possible results


Master Dezhakam: I have written some of these valleys due to the events which happened. There was a person who had quitted the drug and he had a family with three daughters. I asked him why you do not do that thing for your family and he answered: I deliver it to the Lord! We primarily thought that  we have not complete wits, therefore, we are awaiting the Lord to give it to us! However, I realized that it is not the case. You have consumed heroin for many years and now you are expecting that the Lord or a holy person comes to your help and rescue you. But you all know that everything has its own mechanism. When I write a valley, it is not merely written for specific group of people. Here we are facing different types of people and we should consider everything as we are talking about different things. When we are talking about self, we say that the self does not die and every self tastes the death. We have another part in human beings which is called the soul and is spiritual; therefore we have not satanic soul. Therefore, we are dealing with these topics. Some have worldly view to the life and on the other hand, we have religious ones, we have to consider all the people, that is why our work is somehow more difficult. We have to state things so simply that all people can understand them. We fortunately have collective wisdom among human beings and if we state our words carefully, they will accept them.

- No one can cure your addiction over a night. The Lord states that if you call me out, I will help you but everything has its own process. We have two groups of people here, the first group are against us as we state the name of the Lord. The second group will leave the class if they see some people praying here. We are facing different types of people. When we discuss the issue of SELF, we have to state that the SELF will definitely taste the death. And the soul is something spiritual. We have not a vicious soul but we have vicious self. I mean we are dealing with different issues. Some just view from religious viewpoint and some others view issues from materialistic point. We are addressing all the people with different viewpoints; that is why our work is more difficult. Therefore, we have to speak very gently, so that all people can understand it. Fortunately, we have global wisdom (common to all the people). If our words are stated gently, due to the global wisdom, they will understand our words. This valley tells us that everyone has its own responsibilities. Even the Lord has his own responses. A doctor is responsible to a patient and the patient is responsible to the doctor. Parents are responsible to children and the children are responsible to the parents. All the people who are going to clinics must obey the doctors' orders and the doctors are responsible for the patients, so that they can get treated. Everything is mutual and each of us is responsible for our duties. If you have a job, you cannot claim that I do not take the responsibility of my affairs. I am responsible to the physicians' legion and the physicians' legion is responsible to me. I am responsible to all the members in here, I am serving you and Congress60' members are responsible to me. I do not cheat you. I am providing everything for you and you are all responsible to me. According to the holy book, we have the authority to do right or wrong. If the person selects the bad path, s/he is responsible for that and God has not any responsibility in this regard. We believe in him, He helps us but we have to take the responsibilities of our own affairs. Everything is mutual and we should do our part and  cannot handover our responsibility to God! According to Quran, human beings have nothing except what they have gained through their attempts and efforts.

- Some people state that we do not read Quran, and reject everything. Their speech seems modernized. They think if they remove God from the life, we look prestigious.  But if we study the Lord's book, we realize that human beings are responsible for every tiny good or bad. We might do a bad thing and cry to compensate for that, however, according to  Amin, we have to know that if we are eager to be relaxed, we have to take this bitter medicine (we have to accept that we are the most responsible person for our own affairs). The fourth valley says the last word frankly: you should know that you are alone  and do your own duty. That is why we are successful in Congress60.

- After all,  traveler Majid (whose gude was traveler Arash) from Shaghi Clinic received his flower (the symbol of liberation from addiction) from Master Dezhakam

Translated by Elahe


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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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