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plenty of professors and scholars of addiction field at the last day of ASCS2017
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Mr. Dezhakam has written several books on treatment of drug addiction and human’s psyche. Some of the titles are:

These books have been translated into English and have recieved a warm reception internationally, specially in the United States where they have been posted on williamwhitepapers.com The great news is they will soon become available to worldwide audiences in the international section of Faces & Voices of Recovery, a prestigious web-site and a frontrunner in the field of recovery.
The Presence of Rear Admiral, Dr. Sayyari in Taleqani Park
Dr. Sayyari:I am so glad you have taken steps into this path with strong will and desire and have been liberated from addiction.
Master Dezhakam's Full Speech in the International Congress of Addiction Science
I believe that no one uses drugs for no good reason. Do not consider addicts insane or talentless. That is not the case.
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Congress60 believes that addiction involves the three sides of body, psyche and worldview. It means that an addict's body has been destroyed (as a result of drug consumption), their psyche is also hurt and their worldview (which is defined as their thoughts and reflections) is damaged too.
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Why did Mr. Dezhakam introduce opium as a medicine? Because opium has 25-50 alkaloids and had been used for thousands of years before. These alkaloids are very similar to body’s natural chemicals.
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11th International Congress on the Addiction Science
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I was so impressed with the photos you sent from the 11th international symposium on addiction treatment. I especially liked the photos of you addressing the symposium attendees.
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Serving in Congress60 polishes our instructions. Sardar (Mr. Dezhakam's master) mentions that type of expressions affects our discourse but performing what we say makes it beautiful. Whatever we know is ineffective if we do not put it into practice.
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I analysed my observations and tried to find out why after treating addiction, M.S. was treated. I tried to find the intersection of addiction and other diseases. We concluded that addiction is a "Chronic Replacement" in which the inner quasi-opioid substances are replaced by the outer drugs.
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I play Rugby with a healthy appearance now, but I must remember my past. I have honor among people now but I should never forget my past disputes and struggles. I should never forget that I have reached from where to where, if I forget, maybe I will experience that again.
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